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    Can An iPhone OS Layer On Top Of Mac OS X Bridge The Platform UI Differences?

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageCan An iPhone OS Layer On Top Of Mac OS X Bridge The Platform UI Differences?

    Technology companies have for long focused on just the three media platforms - TV, computer and mobile phones for customers to consume content. While tablet devices are not exactly new, a renewed focus on the fourth platform is now beginning to happen with the launch of iPad and a host...

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      its amazing how little this websites knows, i work for the dev team also apple i can tell you this the next iphone os isnt going to be 4.0 but 4.2 and that it will have flash

    • Punk_PoetPunk_Poet Posts: 66
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      Like Camera Flash or Adobe Flash?

    • TimWTimW Posts: 430
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      In respect of a 'Fourth' platform (3.x-4.x whichever, not getting into that arguement ;-} ) the iPad format is just an evolution of one of the already existing 3, so can it, or does it, justify a 'Stand Alone' category?
      The iPad is in essence a huge iPhone with the mobile phone circuit removed. Ok, it sits on another level between devices, AS A Device, but it's OS is based upon an iPhone (with the mobile phone software removed)
      If future iPhone, iPad development become totally separate entities, then maybe it can qualify for the 4th.
      At present, the iPhone OS is the heart and soul of the iPad, yes, functionality of device is different, but the OS is only a modified version, and to me, that keeps it within the original 3
      Mac & PC are so very different OS's but still classed as Computer, so why develop another category for something that can't escape it's iPhone origin??
      3G iPads will prob manage voip etc, so it's a communication device of sorts.
      Just my opinion

    • TimWTimW Posts: 430
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      Can I have some of what you've been smoking??
      Must be some serious sh1t to believe whoever told you that!!
      Sh1t dude, watch out next year, they releasing a Badass Version of an open source, pre-jailbroken, unlocked iPhone 5G 320Gb on OS 6.8 that gives you free calls, texts and unlimited Appstore downloads for life!! Seriously, go que up for one at Starbucks, they free with a Grande Skinny Latte!!

    • via Wordpress

      nar i just work for the company and my farts reek so they fiered me

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