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    Apple Patent Provides Interesting Insight On How Users Will Be Able To Control iPhone With Finger Sw

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple Patent Provides Interesting Insight On How Users Will Be Able To Control iPhone With Finger Swipes Over Camera

    If you thought the purpose of iPhone’s camera was to take photos then think again. Folks at Patently Apple have stumbled upon an interesting Apple patent that involves using the iPhone camera to detect finger swipes across the camera lens coupled with accelerometer to detect tapping input to supplement the...

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    • Punk_PoetPunk_Poet Posts: 66
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      i dont think that this is real... look at the image on the phone screen it looks very Windows like with a minimize, expand, and Exit buttons all on the right side and a scroller bar. why would Apple send in a patent of an image like that on there phone... In other patents found online from apple. the images are much more detailed and the OS looks very much like what is already on the phone.

    • AnonymAnonym Posts: 18
      via Wordpress

      I wonder if someone could design a mobile substrate via a jailbreak download that could detect finger swipes on the camera as well as the accelerometer. Don't know but would be interesting

    • WolverinemarkyWolverinemarky Posts: 518
      via Wordpress

      interesting feature but more important than that would be a better camera with an led flash

    • SVSV Posts: 14
      via Wordpress

      I completely agree. The picture looks out of place with the docked icons, Windows-like window (who has ever seen a scroll bar on an iPhone), and the wasted space between the "app" and the top and bottom.
      But you never know, maybe they just hired a Microsoft guy to sketch it for them....

    • Sfinx09Sfinx09 Posts: 11
      via Wordpress

      yeah def they should think about improving the hard ware before making fancy systme functions like that all though it is a good idea.

    • TimWTimW Posts: 430
      via Wordpress

      If someone did release a package that copied the patent, Apple would jump all over them as well as adding strength to their anti jailbreak stance.
      It's well known that companies patent ideas to prevent manufacturers from copying that idea without paying £££€€€$$$ for a licence, even if they never intend to implement it, it's a safeguard.
      It's ground I wouldn't like walking on

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