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    iPhone's Radio Configuration For Power Saving To Blame For Network Issues?

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageiPhone's Radio Configuration For Power Saving To Blame For Network Issues?

    It is a well known fact that the popularity of iPhone has been a major cause for the deterioration of AT&T's network. This is especially true for areas around New York and San Francisco where high iPhone density has meant frequent dropped calls and problems with data connectivity. While the...

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    • JordanJordan Posts: 163
      via Wordpress

      more excuses...AT&T HAS CRAPPY SERVICE >> PERIOD!

    • Punk_PoetPunk_Poet Posts: 66
      via Wordpress

      i like AT7T and i always have great service where i am... I think i had a total of 4 dropped calls in a span of 3-4 years with them. And i like being able to use data and be on the phone at the same time i think it really add to the greatness of the phone. I do however agree that they have a monopoly with the app store and would like the phone to be more "open".

    • belikeikebelikeike Posts: 4
      via Wordpress

      @PunkPoet: two words-- jailbreak. Blackra1n. Open your phone to more than what apple offers. 5 minutes to do. Safe. Just do it.

    • Thomas FordThomas Ford Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      I live in fort worth and never have a issue. I have a verizon phone from the company i work for and get dropped calls all the time, goes to voicemail just about 40% of the time people call me. T-Mobile had a problem with there network for over 5 months where you could not text in the DFW. I would not go with any one but AT&T!

    • JimmyJimmy Posts: 80
      via Wordpress

      i live in nc and on my iphone i always have problems with data connecting but no dropped calls

    • The TurdThe Turd Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      Seattle (downtown) - in the last two months I have been dropping calls on an average it's once a week. Data speeds have never been great.

    • nozgulnozgul Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      Work in Chicago, data speeds are never good here. Usually in t 0.7Mb/s range.

    • JessicatorJessicator Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      All of my connectivity issues consistently occur in very specific locations (usually spanning an area of a few hundred feet). AT&T recently introduced an app for the iPhone to report locations of garbled and dropped calls, as well as no or intermittent data connectivity, etc. After reporting the issue a few times from one particularly annoying location along my commute route a few nights in a row, my issues at my "favorite" traffic light suddenly ceased, and I have not dropped a call in that location for at least a few days now (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not just coincidence).

      So do your fellow subscribers a favor and download AT&T's free "Mark the Spot" app and start reporting those bad spots whenever and wherever you have trouble... It looks like AT&T is actually listening...

    • tajweed qurantajweed quran Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      well there is an problem with there data speed that they should improve

    • DroppedDropped Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      I live in greater Phoenix az, Gilbert to be percise and drive the 202 santan freeway to Chandler just about every day and it's very very rare when I don't drop a call at least 1 if not 2 times in the span of 5 miles!!! I have reported it on mark the spot some 50 or more times over the past few months and it's made no difference - seems like it is guaranteed to drop the call when traffic is heavy, light traffic some times let's the call stay connected - seem like the towers don't have enough capacity - very annoying considering I pay $230+ per month!!!! This iPhone monopoly is so annoying!! Will say AT&T data is fast and reliable, but it's a phone first so I need reliable phone service above all.

    • Rufus KitchmerRufus Kitchmer Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I definitely find it probable that it is a device specific problem. I switched to the Nexus One three weeks ago, and almost ALL of my connection/dropped call issues that I was experiencing with the iPhone here in Denver have evaporated.

      Maybe AT&T reserves a certain # of connections for certain devices. Regardless of the circumstances, my call quality is magnificent after getting rid of the iPhone.

      Good riddance!

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