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    Apple's Cost Of Developing A4 Chip For iPad Estimated To Be $1 Billion

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageApple's Cost Of Developing A4 Chip For iPad Estimated To Be $1 Billion

    Back in April 2008, Apple acquired Santa Clara based Semiconductor company PA Semi and used the acquired technology to launch A4 - the ARM based mobile chip that is now used on the iPad. The A4 mobile chip with its 1GHz processing speed is touted to be the prime mover...

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    • OO Posts: 8
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    • KK Posts: 44
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      for real, who gives a fuk

    • ll Posts: 16
      via Wordpress

      I know, who gives a fuk

    • StephenStephen Posts: 33
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      A4 post a threat to Intel? Are you fucking kidding me? The A4 chips already has similar chips in circulation in smart-phones since near October 09 (And that's the release date of said phone: HTC HD2)

      Apple hasn't made anything revolutionary with the iPad.

      If they get the A4 in iPhone, Apple would have only JUST matched some smart-phones on the market (With still even the HD2 out smarting it!). The only thing that changed the Phone market with the iPhone was how the applications interfaces changed. Nothing else!

    • simplicitysimplicity Posts: 3
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      The only way that Apple can recoup the investment is selling the chip to other company. I don't think Intel and others will sit around and waiting for this to happen. But who know what happen in future. Before the iphone and ipod, no one can think it is real. Nokia used to be the leader and now....
      For me, I will never buy any Nokia phone again. The Nokia software is way out of date, buggy and very bad customer service.

    • josejose Posts: 138
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      Damn right, so many people think that the iPhone was something out of this world lol it's just a touch screen with a fancy interface that's all, but it is a nice one tho

    • WolverinemarkyWolverinemarky Posts: 518
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      didnt I read a story somewhere on this site about the future iPhone having a 2ghz chip in it or maybe it was a comment someone made. I dont really care as long as the next iPhone is the fastest smartphone on the market

    • jaejae Posts: 35
      via Wordpress

      By time the iPhone makes something faster than a nexus there will probably already be a phone out by android that's faster than that.

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