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    Apple iBooks Vs Kindle iPhone App

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageApple iBooks Vs Kindle iPhone App

    When the iPad is released in a few weeks from now, it will be taking on competition from several distinct product categories like netbooks, e-readers and gaming consoles. While Apple has already tasted success with gaming applications on the iPhone OS, the company has its task cut out in other...

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    • TimWTimW Posts: 430
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      I believe that Apple wanted to compete with Other Book Readers but they knew that a basic device would be just another contender in a new Market. That's why the iPad has a modified iPhone OS at it's heart, it's designed to attract a wider audience and a greater age spread. It's not just a book reader, that's just 'A Feature' of it.
      Apple have aimed a single device at multiple markets, Gamers get their wish, office bods can work on it in transit, Bookworms are covered and it surfs T'internet via 3G or WiFi. It has covered most bases already.
      Most of the competition's devices are just plain ol book readers, the iPad is by design, a book reader/gaming/music/ net browsing device

    • IrhaIrha Posts: 37
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      May be they will block kindle or remove it from the appstore based on some fictitious grounds.. then there is no competition.

    • ZZ Posts: 333
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    • via Wordpress

      I would choose iBooks. It provides an amazing experience when reading ebooks on an ipad. very similar to the traditional one.

    • JasonJason Posts: 585
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      You can read eBooks bought through iBook. You just can't through iTunes. You can just open the eBook through a eReader.

    • Paul M. SheldonPaul M. Sheldon Posts: 2
      via Wordpress
      You wrote :"But one of the advantages of buying ebooks from Kindle store is that you can also read the ebooks on your computer thanks to Kindle App for PC (Kindle for Mac will be coming soon), which won't be possible for ebooks bought on Apple's iBookstore for now."Though double clicking an iBook on mac won't let your read, Calibre will allow you to read iBooks on mac.
    • Paul M. SheldonPaul M. Sheldon Posts: 2
      via Wordpress
      I should have written more clearly. Hindsight 20x20, sorry.Double clicking in finder on ePub file will launch Calibre, if you have it to read the ePub file. Double clicking in iTunes does nothing.
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