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    Initial Sales: Original iPhone Vs Nexus One Vs Motorola Droid

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageInitial Sales: Original iPhone Vs Nexus One Vs Motorola Droid

    Ever since Google announced their foray into the mobile handset business with the launch of Nexus One, there has been a lot of talk regarding the timing and distribution model that the search engine giant employed for their new venture. If speculations are to be believed, the Nexus One may...

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    • TimWTimW Posts: 430
      via Wordpress

      Just compare the advertising over the three handsets and the Nexus One was almost a silent release in comparison
      Most sites carried 'Droid, An iPhone Killer' but Googles offering just slipped into the Market.
      Android is/was new to the majority of the consumer Market and people wait for reviews first.
      The iPhone was on one carrier (O2 here in UK) and they maxed out on TV, Radio & Billboard Ads
      The Droid was a word of mouth campaign alongside a few TV ads but nowhere near the iPhone
      Nexus One is still a very new handset here but the ads aren't there to support / promote it

    • iom_jackiom_jack Posts: 24
      via Wordpress

      "unconventional choices in marketing, pricing and distribution." I agree with "distribution" considering that its not even available anywhere else except only in USA.

    • Franky jFranky j Posts: 142
      via Wordpress

      Well I just read the nexus one is going to sprint very soon. so hopefully google learned there lesson and start selling there phone in the store with a reduced discount with a two year contract.

    • TimWTimW Posts: 430
      via Wordpress

      Your right, but..
      Can be had in UK by ordering online but no Official Uk release until April.

    • Jaylou180Jaylou180 Posts: 13
      via Wordpress

      I believe it will do better. I am AT&T user and I am a iPhone user. I am seriously considering to purchase a unlocked version now that it is compatible with AT&T 3g network. But I am waiting to see what apple does on the next version iPhone.

    • Gonkutron3000Gonkutron3000 Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      I'm in the same boat.

    • Apple h8Apple h8 Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      exactly. same here. if the new iPhone doesn't wow me i think im done with Apple and their dictatorship.

    • SongSong Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I owned the N1 & i love it. LOL keep the sale low cause i don't want to have the same exactly phone as someone next to me.. *Cough* Iphone*

      Anyway is this proved Google's Marketing useless? This proved google can't market their own device.. lol

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