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    FindMe + Twitter = iPhone LoJack - Use the App to Track down your iPhone

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageFindMe + Twitter = iPhone LoJack - Use the App to Track down your iPhone

    The iPhone hacking legend has done it again, she has released a native iPhone Application called iPhone LoJack to help you track down your iPhone in case of a theft or loss. iPhone LoJack internally uses Twitter to send periodic updates telling you exactly where your iPhone is in terms...

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    • shaishai Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      This is available via installer by adding to your installer sources. You will then under recent packages or under utilities find this labled as Quasi Low-Jack.

      All the user has to do is update the tweet file with there info and restart there phone.

    • FingersFingers Posts: 71
      via Wordpress

      Ive installed it from installer, changed my username and password in the file specified, now what? How will it let me know?

    • AlexjbriggsAlexjbriggs Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Very handy release! great job! but....

      I have a question that I just don't understand, maybe someone can answer this for me. Why can AT&T not keep track of your IMEI on your phone on file, and if you lose your phone, or it is "stolen", and the "theft" uses the new phone, why can't the IMEI number be sent to AT&T based off the phone card/SIM being used, so if that phone's IMEI had been reported stolen, we would know who has the phone?

      I do realize this could be abused, and you could sell a phone to someone, then report it "stolen", but in reality, anything can be abused....just a thought.

      Does anyone know why this can't be done?

    • BoomersmechBoomersmech Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      They do keep it onfile, its complicated but it requires local police intervention. It is a very tangled mess of leagl jargon. The FCC requires all IMEI's to be retained for tracking purposes which have nothing to do with keeping your equipment safe. More about FBI tracking incase you decided to make a threat on someone / something. Similar to how your Serial number from your cable modem is tracked at your Cable operator but even if it was stolen it wouldnt stop somone from adding it to another account as long as your account is no longer active.

    • marcmarc Posts: 103
      via Wordpress

      Does this work with iPhone 2.0?

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