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    Apple Job Posting Reveals 4G LTE Support in Future iPhones

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageApple Job Posting Reveals 4G LTE Support in Future iPhones

    Recently, we had come up with our wishlist for iPhone 4G - Apple's next generation iPhone that is expected to be launched later this year. You may recall that one of the demands in the wishlist was for 4G network compatibility in the upcoming iPhone model. With multimedia content becoming...

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    • JoshJosh Posts: 265
      via Wordpress

      We can only think on the negative side for upgrades on the iPhone so very possibly No for 4G and maybe for other networks.

    • JordanJordan Posts: 163
      via Wordpress

      There own upgrades have been weak..yes there's tons of apps but they have not come through on the promise of a platform which will constantly evolve. What have we really gotten? Copy and Paste/ MMS? Hey Steve every other phone in the world has that. My company is making me use a Blackberry now for work and there is no comparison as far as functionality everyday use goes. Im keeping my iphone for personal use cause I love the apps but they better make this phone more useful

    • WolverinemarkyWolverinemarky Posts: 518
      via Wordpress

      sigh well hell i dont even have 3G in my area so why would i get too excited about 4G lol. the new iPhone better beat the specs on the HTC Evo or they will lose some people cause that phone looks and sounds sweet. so lets step it up apple. there remaining pretty tight lipped about this new phone this time around where are the leaks inside of Cupertino???

    • JordanJordan Posts: 163
      via Wordpress

      Its so not functional for barely feel the vibrations

    • via Wordpress

      my iphone works great as an ipod but kinda sucks as a phone. i also hate the blue lego. i want to see the whole web.

    • AnonymAnonym Posts: 18
      via Wordpress

      yawn. woopdy do. gimme something a lil more exciting. though im not expecting much more than just a 1ghz proccessor and maybe a better camera. come on apple!

    • AnonAnon Posts: 63
      via Wordpress
      search corporate jobs
      type wimax
      you will find this...

      Requisition Number
      Cellular Systems Architect
      Santa Clara Valley United States Cupertino California Full Time
      Responsibilities Lead future cellular chipsets and technologies into iPhone roadmap and products Drive cellular platform suppliers’ roadmaps and execution to deliver optimized solutions to the iPhone Wireless HW & SW teams Develop product-level system architectures that integrate cellular and non-cellular wireless technologies with the application processor and its subsystems to enable world-class products Innovate, instigate, develop, or apply new technologies to optimize the subsystems or their integration into our products. Lead and support multi-disciplinary company-wide efforts as needed to identify and build the future of iPhone.
      Required knowledge architecture of cellular chipsets & platforms for 3GPP HSPA or beyond cellular RF transceiver & front-end architecture and PCB-level implementation PCB-level application engineering of digital baseband & power management incl. host interfaces, digital audio routing, memory interfaces, & DC/DC converter issues hands-on familiarity with CPU internal architecture, SW development from firmware through upper layers, and security 3GPP standards, testing, and approval processes ability to rapidly identify and learn relevant aspects of newer wireless subsystems such as HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE, Wimax, etc, as well as application issues of both existing and new wireless technologies as they relate specifically to our products. personal, communication, and organizational skills to coordinate multiple internal teams and vendors both with and without prior structured plans being in place attention to project detail and task tracking.

    • josejose Posts: 138
      via Wordpress

      One thing I know is that if some of you guys won't have enough money to upgrade you better start selling your iPhones as of right now at a good price. As soon as evo and other better smartphones launch your current phone won't be worth Jack ****

      it's just the simple concept of supply and demand, when there is little demand and a crapload of supply, prices drop to the point of losing money instead of breaking off at a decent score.

      But then again $500 to $1000 for a new phone really isn't alot, just thought I would let some people know that now is the time to sell because some people are going through tough times and it can't be easy for everyone

      hope this helps someone lol

    • Dan cDan c Posts: 27
      via Wordpress

      We all know that apple doest give what the consumers wants. Apple gives what they want.

      So no, no 4G. I mean, what will they release in 2011 then??

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