iPhone 4G: Most Wanted Features

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imageiPhone 4G: Most Wanted Features

The next generation of iPhone is speculated to arrive in just a few more months from now. Since the time Apple unveiled iPhone 3GS, there have been quite a few compelling developments like the foray of Google into the smartphone segment, the launch of the iPad and more heavy competition...

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  • Tyler 927
    Tyler 927 Posts: 12
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    Well unless almost all these are included in the next iPhone I am for sure getting the HTC EVO 4G and then probably the next gen iPod touch

  • Abel
    Abel Posts: 183
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    I don't care what new features it has. I'll get the new one and sell the old one to pay for it. I would like more memory, I suppose.

  • John
    John Posts: 790
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    just need multitasking....especially when youre listening to music and then you have to close the program to go to another...quite annoying

  • Franky j
    Franky j Posts: 142
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    Same here Tyler, that HTC EVO is a killer phone. If the iPhone does not have the things mentioned above I'm out of apples garden for sure.

  • i love me
    i love me Posts: 2
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    its gotta have a projector!!!!!!!

  • Anolis
    Anolis Posts: 3
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    You can currently multitask with a combination of Backgrounder and ProSwitcher jailbreak apps quite nicely, but it WOULD be nice to have it built in natively.

    i havent really noticed too much difference in battery life while running pandora and doing other things at once.

  • tommy
    tommy Posts: 28
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    to be honest with everyone, ive had the iphone 3g and now i have the 3GS and I've loved them but had problems that i decided to ignore becuase of the my love for apple. but im getting sick of them. battery life sucks, no removable battery,stopping jailbreak!.

    so is it even worth it anymore? i was in denial for awhile but now im realizing that the iphone is slowly going down the drain as much as dont want to realize it.
    Droid=open development= PERFECT
    take the high road young grasshoppers

  • Wolverinemarky
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    front facing cam would help with taking self pics also as well as voice chatting, definitely need the better camera and the LED flash it has to have that or i wont even consider buying one. multitasking is nice I ran proswitcher and all of that on my 3G but it lagged a bit adding too many programs. Open Bluetooth is nice, I would like to see a lot of the jb apps and programs become standard like Quickreplysms, voicemail forwarder, and would like to have the ability to have individual sms tones or ringtones for contacts that you also use for text messages from that person

  • Keith
    Keith Posts: 63
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    Don't let the door hit you on the way out. ;)

  • Maybe
    Maybe Posts: 3
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    I'm with you. I love my iphone, but the android phones are pretty amazing. Also the new Windows mobile 7 looks very promising. I won't make any rash decisions though. If the new iphone has video chat, background, and multitasking I will buy it the day it comes out. If not I will leave apple's walled garden.

  • muphinDOTnet
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    Quote: "Nevertheless Apple has always known to surprise its users with exciting features during its new product launches."

    when the iPad came out everyone said "wtf its just a big iPhone" at least with their OS's they actually bring new features (tiger, snow leopard), lets hope they decide to take everyones advice this time.
    iPhone will REQUIRE (hardware); flash, better battery life, more storage, forward camera
    (software) multi tasking, custom ringtones for contacts/ringtone profiles, open bluetooth

    if the above are not met, 98% of people will just buy the old phones. or move to google, so Apple i know ur reading this, impress us! because thats what ur known for now, no pressure.

  • Cap-Tan America
    Cap-Tan America Posts: 6
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    I think now that there is competition they will step their game up a little bit. Previously they didn't have to compete with phones that could do a lot more than the iPhone could.

    Hell.. iPhones couldn't even MMS back in the day. Competition will bring out the best in new features.

    OLED Screen: Won't happen, will drain battery life (so I have heard).
    Biometric Security: Not in a lifetime, do you want to spend 1k for a phone?
    Detachable Battery: Possible.
    Anti-Rotation: Very likely.
    Flash: No chance in hell, Jobs hates it.
    Better Camera: I'm sure it will happen.
    Flash (for camera): I don't think so but it'd be nice.
    Front facing camera: Maybe, but I doubt it.

  • Mandy
    Mandy Posts: 4
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    I talked with an Apple rep the other day who said that if there's a new iPhone coming out this year, it'll be around Christmas due to the iPad, and that Apple wants to start moving the iPhone launch dates to around Christmas.

    She said they trained them months in advance for the other iPhones and she hasn't heard anything about it as of yet.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Posts: 260
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    in addition to what was mentioned, I'm hoping for HD video recording. Of course giving the size of the lens it's not going to be as good as a $1000 Canon but it could certainly replace the Flip HD. The video on the 3GS is good, but I'm hoping they step it up. I've used my iPhone to record video more than I expected to.

  • hxclos
    hxclos Posts: 353
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    Am I missing something here? Why are people calling it the iPhone 4G? Because it's the 4th generation? If that's the case, then shouldn't the 3G be called a 2G and the 3GS a 3G. I think by calling it a 4G, you're assuming it's gonna run 4G speed and no way in hell is AT&T ready for that.

  • dxs101
    dxs101 Posts: 52
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    Stop thinking At&t is the only carrier for an iphone.. like really, theres soooo many carriers now going to GSM technology!, like sprint has 4G now. and over here in Canada Rogers is putting out 4G within months!, so is Bell and FIdo!

  • Noob
    Noob Posts: 8
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    people are calling it 4g because it is 4th generation. The second iphone was called iphone 2g before it came out because people didnt know what it was going to be called. It was called iphone 3G because it was the first iphone to have 3G speeds. People called the 3Gs iphone 3.0 before it came out because it was the third iphone and was going to run the new 3.0 operating system. Nobody knows what the phone is going to be called so everyone just calls it iphone 4g. They usually name it after the main asset of the phone. Nobody knows what the next big asset will be though.

  • Ike
    Ike Posts: 31
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    Bought my spouse a Nokia N900 for under 600 bones.

    Honestly this is so much better than my iPhone 3G 16 gig.

    n900 has 32gig onboard, an ARM 600'ish chip that actually operates at roughly 600 MHZ on linux as opposed to an underclocked chip on an iPhone.

    Only because i love her did i buy a phone that's little pinkie totally owned my device.

    Heck, it can drop another 32 gig on it's microsd port.

    Before you fan'tards say there are no purdy apps for this. ANY linux app can be loaded on it and FLASH works perfectly on this phone.

    BTW. used iphone 3g 16gig available for $600.00

  • Mik
    Mik Posts: 2
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    Lol these facts are so funny xD a front camera? Yeah nobody need this, in many countries videocalls are not supportet and for 4g it is too early! I think hspa is in the next iphone!

  • Se@ttle Guy
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    I hope it has a transporter like on star trek. The cost of my service on AT&T is dipping into my travel costs.

  • Spook
    Spook Posts: 4
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  • TimW
    TimW Posts: 430
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    Yeah Spook, Radio tuner would be nice :)
    All I'd really want though is a much longer lasting battery
    Be honest, who actually uses Every feature of their iPhone??

  • NateDawg
    NateDawg Posts: 42
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    could not read through the article with out having one at covering it up. good job.

  • TimW
    TimW Posts: 430
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    Biometric Security is really quite cheap for a basic Fingerprint reader, Windows based USB devices can be got for £20(GBP)
    An integrated reader switched on at powerup/wake and off after verification would be low on battery and the hardware would be cheap for mass purchase

  • hxclos
    hxclos Posts: 353
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    It is the only carrier in the States unless you include T-mobile, but you can't even get 3G on the iPhone with them. Neither Sprint nor Verizon work on the iPhone. Who cares what goes on in Canada, they didn't invent the iPhone.

  • No namer
    No namer Posts: 5
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    Apple will diverge from "apple style" if these features has implemented.

  • Seth
    Seth Posts: 17
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    The one thing I wish the new phone supported is something it never will, FLASH!

    Multitasking is also a feature that is ridiculous to not have on a modern smart phone.

  • me
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    That is what I have been doing since the get go. It is amazing how much an iPhone is worth even after a new one is released.*

  • den
    den Posts: 3
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    much better grapich,faster phone,bigger and oled screen and faster way to switch wifi and maybe to change the black springboard.these would be cool to me.so like an iphone sized ipad

  • Jewbajay
    Jewbajay Posts: 1
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    personaly the few features that I absolutely want are a camera flash I don't even care about more mega-pixels because the lens is to small to really benefit much from it anyway I want a better processor more rAm/rom storage an updated look a front facing camera 4g compatibility better sound turn by turn gps built in bbl for iPhone from apple the ability to screen share with other iPhones and 80211.n that would do it for me anything els would just be a plus