iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 & iTunes 7.6: Adding Custom Ringtones for Free



  • Shawn
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    I did all the process, on my mac with1.1.3and itune7.6, itune says ringtone is on iphone and library, but i cant see the custom ringtone on iphone. help

  • owen
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    If you cannot figure out how to get more than one:

    when you have the file named "m4r" drag it to "Ringtones" in your iTunes Library finder folder. double click to open it and you will see under ringtones in your iTunes.

  • Joi Rhone
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    i just upgraded to Leopard and now my unlocked iphone is not recognized in itunes. Itunes 7.6.1 and iphone 1.1.3. What can I do?

  • poise one
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    Thanks alot Cereal killer.... got the ringtone and also scored points with this chick, i put her favorite song as a ringtone.... thanks again

  • David
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    I've tried that but instead of drag and drop, i jsut sync it from itunes. It doenst work. I have 1.1.4 formare, itunes 7.6.1 using vista, it shows up on my ringtones in my device through itunes, but when i go to sounds on my iphone it is not listed, can anyone help me with that?

  • kbo
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    What is the best way to shorten a song with vista?

  • Apparatus
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    Thanks...People like you make this world a better place.

  • Huy Nguyen
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    I can't thank you enough for tip. Keep up the good work

  • Eric
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    hey guys.. so i see that it says it up there... but i just got a iphone 1.1.4 with itunes
    i cant get the ringtone onto the iphone.. i tried every method stated on this site...

    can anyone help please
    thanks, Eric

  • Julie
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    That's not entirely true. I have 2 iphones one with 1.1.3 and one with 1.1.4. The 1.1.3 worked just beautifully with the workaround. I have 12 ringtones all individual without having to edit any settings or automatically synching. But with the 1.1.4 trying to add multiple ringtones causes all the ringtones to match the first one. it's not a firmware issue because i've seen this issue in 1.1.2 iphones


    I think what he meant was go to itunes>preferences>advanced>keep itunes library organized. thats the closest thing i see to it. i'm not sure if it works i need my bf's phone and computer first to test it and he's not here at the moment :(

  • Smoot
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    i have windows XP with itunes 7.6.1 and i followed the video...

    but when i open the converted AAC song in 'show in windows explorer' it will not allow me to convert to an m4r file. the song doesn't even show that it is an m4a .


  • Andy
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    I got itunes 7.6 but my iphone is 1.14, would it still work? Plus i cant find my ringtone thing on the left side on itunes where itunes library is.... help.

  • Roger
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    It works with windows OS vista, Iphone firmware 1.1.4 and Itunes! Thanks Cerealkiller!

  • Hindi
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    I am using ITunes on a windows XP.. the problem is that i dont find the Tab "convert to AAC,instead i find it "convert to Mp3"..anu suggestions??

  • Hindi
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    Actually i found a solution , i used an Mp3 to M4a convertor then i changed the extention & it worked just fine..thnx so much .. u made my day...

  • Middle C
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    I have learned that iTunes update has eliminated the ability to add custom m4r files to the ringtone library, so u can no longer sync custom free ringtones to the iPhone. Has anyone figured out a way aroun this? if not, does anyone have an idea how i can uninstall and go back to just 7.6?

  • Jenny
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    I seem to have done everything up until the point where it won't let me change my m4a file into a m4r file. :(

    I'm using Windows...

    He was showing it on MAC...

    Anyone know how I can convert it??

  • nick
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    to Jenny

    follow the list below and it should now show the file extension so you can now click on the file, it will highlight, and then change the file extension from m4a to m4r

    Start -> programs -> accessories -> windows explorer -> click on Organize -> folder and search options -> click View Tab -> and uncheck box "HIDE extensions for known file types

  • made-in-haven
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    After so many hours of trying, I have finally able to get all my custom ringtones into my iphone. That is, total of 18 ringtones. At first, i could just have 1, then the rest will be a multiple copies. I will check back what I've done and see if this is not just pure luck. Anyone had this encounter before?

    ANTIHERO Posts: 2
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    ok... i have 1.1.1 iphone and i already did everything that tutorials says, but i cant have ringtones i dont know why. first i made the ringtone with "iphone ringtone maker" after that I play it on itunes, convert it to aac, explore to windows, from m4a to m4r, ok until here everything is good, in itunes appears the ringtones on ringtones :D but when connect the iphone, the ringtones dont appears on it 2 sync. And if i sync appears a msg that says: "name of the ringtone" cant be included because cant be find or cant be reproduce it by iphone
    PDD: I already tried with ibrckr

    Pliz hellppp !!!

  • Netty
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    www.myxertones.com has free iphone ringtone downloads. no need to jailbreak. Just click the download ringtone for iphone, save it in a file on your computer, drag and drop ringtone into itunes ringtones and sync!

  • Sebas
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    What happened to the video? where can i find it?

  • WSNH
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    I created an instruction video on YouTube that tells you how to create a ringtone for your iPhone which I've installed lots of them from the CD's that I've already bought. Just go to YouTube and do a search for WSNH and you'll see the video. Enjoy.

  • MK
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    HOW can I have/get more than 3 ringtones??? my iphone3g only lets me have 3 custom ringtones......yes i am a comp. retard.....help :)

  • badasskker
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    Oi lads,

    I just managed to upload my custom ringtone to my iPhone 3G on MacBookPro OSX 10.4.11 and iTunes 7.7.1 using a simple method:

    1.Get Mp3Trimmer (or whatever) and create your ringtone save it as mp3.

    2. Open on iTunes and convert it to AAC.

    3. Open that AAC file in iTunes using the option "Show in finder".

    4. rename it to ".m4r",

    Tada....that's all...iTunes will think it's a ringtone.

    I did upload it to my iPhone3G using drag&drop and having the "Manually manage music and videos" settings of my iPhone in iTunes "ON". As well as at the "Ringtones" option of the iPhone the "Sync Ringtones" option "OFF".

    It automatically added my new custom ring tones on top of the list of the standard ones.

  • badasskker
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    Problem is: The next song you add is replaced with the old one.

    Does anybody know any solution?

  • badasskker
    badasskker Posts: 3
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    OK, I got it:

    You only need iTunes:

    1. Trim the song with Mp3Trimmer (for example)

    2. Double click and play it in iTunes.

    3. Convert it in iTunes to AAC

    4. Open enclosing the new AAC file.

    5. Delete the old ones from iTunes

    6. Rename the AAC to "m4r"

    7. Double click to play it in iTunes...drag&drop to iphone...BABOOM !

  • teething
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    I have created 21 custom iPhone ringtones from previously downloaded free ringtones, I was able to convert them into iTune recognizable format, m4r. My problem is that I could only sync 6 of them and no more. Any one with a similar limit problem? My second question is a how to create a ringtones from ones music library? iTunes does not seem to have music editing options or is there some trusted third party music editing software one can use??
    Help!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise I really enjoy the seamlessness of my iphone.

  • Clink
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  • Campbell
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    i have followed these instructions, but no "custom" option shows up on the iPhone