iPhone App: Ecamm adds the ability to Add, Edit and Delete Notes directly on your iPhone with MegaPh

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imageiPhone App: Ecamm adds the ability to Add, Edit and Delete Notes directly on your iPhone with MegaPhone

Ecamm Network, have renamed their popular iPhone Application which brought Disk mode to the iPhone and iPod Touch from iPhoneDrive to MegaPhone. MegaPhone is essentially a new version of iPhoneDrive which adds the ability to add, edit and delete notes directly on your iPhone in addition to enabling you to...

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  • Jason
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    I'm a big fan of iphonehacks.com and all of the useful information, but this reads like a paid advertisement. Anyone hear of SSH and WinSCP? Both are absolutely free and allow you to wirelessly transfer files to and from your iPhone and use it like a flash drive.

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Hey Jason,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I can assure you that I would have definitely mentioned it if the article was a paid advertisement.

    I believe utilities like MegaPhone and TouchCopy are more for the not so technically inclined so they are worth the mention.

    iPhone Hacks

  • Louis
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    I don't get it...Why the hell did apple forget to include this when launching the iphone..

    Reminds of when they forgot to put an internal CD ROM into the Mac AirBook...
    I think you're supposed to leave your netflix CD running on your home computer and access remotely from your Mac BookAir at starbucks.

    This program is sooo cool!

  • Jaime
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    @louis apple is nit stupid. Your just behind on what the future is, which is NOT USING CDs....DUHHHH....And obviously apple didn't include this because it's a hack. Apple did not mean the iPhone to be a storage device for your files