Next Gen iPhone Prototype "Very Close" To Final Design

Andy Posts: 1,127
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imageNext Gen iPhone Prototype "Very Close" To Final Design

Ever since Gizmodo published pictures of the next generation iPhone, there have been a lot of questions raised over the prototype's closeness to the final shipping product. Apple has traditionally developed several prototypes of its upcoming devices before a final decision on the design is taken. This is one reason...

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  • Jorgie
    Jorgie Posts: 18
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    I think Apple wont disappoint with the features that it looks like its gonna have. No one should be worried.

  • bhodi
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    If this is close to the final prototype...

    is there anything to extrapolate about a possible CDMA/Verizon iPhone?

    Seems like we haven't heard any rumors about those in a while.

  • hxclos
    hxclos Posts: 353
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    It has to if it wants to compete with all the new phones coming out.

  • Rix
    Rix Posts: 2
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    if its gonna look like this, personally I'd be very dissapointed. It just looks like "one of many" now :( 3G design is uncomparable with this

  • dxs101
    dxs101 Posts: 52
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    I'm out... 100 percent done, if this is apples new phone NO THANKS, like look at it, id easilllyyy give up a god damn front facing camera and other crap to keep my 3gs!, this is so ugly, its not a sleek new iphone its a shiny block. no thanks

  • yo
    yo Posts: 19
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    ugly as hell very dissapointed !!!!

  • Ray
    Ray Posts: 121
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    why do y'all care so much about the looks? sure i agree, it is ugly but i bet its specs will probably blow all of us away and no one is gonna really care about the looks anymore

  • Upset Apple owner
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    Everytime I turn around or go to another website I read another Apple rejected this app and Apple rejected this app and today they pulled an app that many teachers were using for teaching :(

    What the heck? the new iphone could have a 5 ghz processor, 100 gigs of memory, 10 megapixel camera and I would still have a hard time deciding if I will try another apple product and live with Big brother Apple?

    come on , what will it take for Apple to give the customers what they want when they wont even listen to Adobe and allow flash?

    Maybe I should buy the new iphone and put android on it ?

  • Diablozoe
    Diablozoe Posts: 76
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    I don't understand what looks have to do with it! Check this out keep your 3gs so you can pull it out and show it off and then get a phone you might use!

  • yo
    yo Posts: 19
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    what ever **** apple and **** ray haha ass

  • xg21
    xg21 Posts: 1
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    3g and 3gs look like cheap plastic pieces of **** you could get out of a cereal box. this new design looks like art

  • jose
    jose Posts: 138
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    yeah its kind of like when parents will tell their ugly ass kids that its whats on the inside that counts lol.

    **** that though, i will definately go with the evo 4g if the new one looks like this.

    and yeah, the 3gs does look like a cerial box toy but atleast it looks slick, ths looks like a god damn pack of gum lmao

    lets hope for the best dudes, maybe if we all send messages to apple so that they take the publics suggestions we will get what we want, i really want to get a new iphone that stands out. like when they first came out

  • klutch
    klutch Posts: 54
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    I personally like the new iPhone design. If the materials boost signal than that's a smart design and I'll take it. I also don't like the plastic 3g look or the curved sideds. If one of the buttons could be used for taking pictures even bettter.

  • ybt
    ybt Posts: 102
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    Put some glasses on please!!!