iPhone OS 4.0: Video Walkthrough Of Bluetooth Keyboard Support

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imageiPhone OS 4.0: Video Walkthrough Of Bluetooth Keyboard Support

Apple's next generation iPhone OS - iPhone OS 4.0 includes several features such as multitasking and folder management that are very popular among jailbroken iPhone users. Apple has also included support for Bluetooth keyboard in iPhone OS 4 for iPhone and iPod Touch that was possible using jailbreak iPhone apps...

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  • matt
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    I swear to god, if you ppl start this im the first post **** a again, im ganna go nuts

  • Tyler 927
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    Why the heck does it matter if your first? Does it make you feel special or something?

  • FH
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    This was what was missing for me but I did get used to the on screen keyboard I just couldn't type quite as fast. One less reason to need an iPad.

  • yave
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    can you also connect bluetooth wireless mouse???

  • Backstabber69
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    Imma download 7 mailbombers and spam you till death.

  • karl
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    i have 3g on 4.0 doesnt ever see my keyboard someone should make a video on how to pair a keyboard with the iphone

  • TimW
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    I'm perfectly happy with the onscreen keyboard :)
    Can't see the point in having a full sized one, defeats the object of being portable! Got a laptop that has a full size KB, if I need to type masses of stuff, I use that.
    I use Dragon Voice to Text :) I talk, it types, c&p to whatever app & send, easy :)

  • Caribou
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    I've been waiting for this feature a LONG time.

    Naysayers: Don't knock it till you've tried it with a PORTABLE folding keyboard.

    Email, blogging, papers, even first drafts of bigger documents are all painful with a thumb keyboard (think about and watch for mistakes with every word), but effortless as a touch typist with a real keyboard.

    The option to pair my ThinkOutside (now iGo, and sadly discontinued) keyboard kept me using WinMo long past its time.

  • Tebonin
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    I don;t think this one is big deal, but at least there is a good fresh idea came from apple

  • Mario Barreto
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    I tryied to do it with no luck... The iPhone can see the Keyboard, but can't pair because I can't see the four numbers required to complete the pairing. When I hit Enter, the iPhone show the 4 numbers quickly... So.. the process waas waiting for the numbers, but I have no idea about how can I see it....

  • mlb
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    My husband is in Afghanistan, and when I'm working from my office I can't get on googletalk or facebook, but if he gets to a computer and can chat I want to be able to talk to him as easily as chatting at home, that is why I want the keyboard. I'm still not sure if it works on the iPhone 3G however.