iPhone OS 4.0 Reveals More Evidence Of Video Chat Feature With Game Centre Integration

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imageiPhone OS 4.0 Reveals More Evidence Of Video Chat Feature With Game Centre Integration

We have already seen enough evidence in iPhone OS 4.0 that has hinted at the possibility of video chat features in the next generation iPhone. In fact, Gizmodo’s story has probably confirmed that Apple’s new iPhone will get a front facing camera. MacRumors has discovered more evidence of the video...

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  • Punk_Poet
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    wifi only that sucks... Maybe AT&T will finely give us tethering.

  • iPhoneHacks
    iPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
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    Yeah that's true, lets hope Apple (or AT&T) allows it over 3G by the time its released in June.

  • SkrOs
    SkrOs Posts: 15
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    if they dont. we can jailbreak the iphone and then install the unrestrictor3g or something like that to make it work.. like skype over 3g

  • Wolverinemarky
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  • ben
    ben Posts: 235
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    Meh, with what maybe 30 minutes of battery life with such options???

  • Drew
    Drew Posts: 23
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    wrong idea.....The video chat is highly unstable running on 3G networks. ATT, VZW, and Sprint cant handle a data intense connection like that on their 3g networks. A few things can happen here on June 7th.

    1. The 4th gen iphone is stuck to ATT again. The devices front camera will work under WIFI conditions, with programs designed for it, such as Skype.

    2. The Device leaked on Gizmodo is in fact an IPHONE capable of use on Sprints 4G Wimax Towers. HTC and Apple are the only phones competing thus far with Front Facing cameras. Plus HTC has been given a law suit supposedly for patent infringements. Besides that What other network can handle this data connection intense task?

    3. The leaked phone on Gizmodo is in fact a VZW version to be released on LTE towers. I highly see this as unlikely because ATT and VZW LTE towers are not due for an appearance untill late 2010 and beyond.

    4. It is in fact a VZW 3G CDMA version of the Iphone. Skype is currently available for use in VZW across its major smartphones. Adding the Iphone is no exception.

    5. Or the grandaddy of an anouncement would be a an IPhone for different carriers. Now that would be neat, but a 50/50 shot.