Android For iPhone 3G Now Available For Download

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imageAndroid For iPhone 3G Now Available For Download

Earlier this month, planetbeing from the iPhone Dev Team had announced that he had successfully ported Android OS to iPhone 3G. Back then, he had mentioned that this was "an important milestone for the more DIY-minded owners of the millions of iPhone 3G devices that are out there". News is...

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  • Wolverinemarky
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    nice although i wont be trying it till i see how it goes for other people im not that gutsy but glad to see we have the option

  • Kyle L
    Kyle L Posts: 3
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    Will it allow us to unlock a locked phone? Or is the base band still locked?

  • mystikryder86
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    no it'll still be locked unless u posses any baseband below 5.12.01 i think they ported ultrasnow to android as well

  • xsvl
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    if it was froyo and didn't kill the battery i might try it. oh yeah, and if i didn't have a 3gs

  • Wolverinemarky
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    froyo sounds like it will eat battery life also with the beta form of flash 10.1 on it

  • p to the izzle
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    I installed Android on my 2G and will install Android on my 3G once a few more things get worked out. Since I actually use my 3G this port needs to be slightly better before I jump in. But it won't be long before I give in.

  • douglas
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    what if an IPhone OS can run on a HTC HD2? All the apps in the STORE can migrate.

  • Mike D
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    Will users now be able to run Google Navigation on th iPhone?

  • pk
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    Droid does in deed, I am on the verge of changing my 3gs, If the new iPhone does have a front facing camera I will go with that, as I have over $600 of apps invested on apples platform, I cant just give it the boot. But the new Evo 4G its looking way more then just promising as opposed to the new iPhone.

    Google's droid platform its out standing to, and it is definitely a welcome change to see major backing from such reputable companies when it comes to OSS/Platforms. At this point i am 70% pro droid and rest waiting on apples new iDevice, am probably just get an iPod Touch to keep using my apps till the wheels fall of, and most likely go with the openness of Google's Droid platform

    I used to love apple and still love some of their products, but when it comes to phones and OS's I just had it with the don't's and denials and all the BS the shove up on their customers. Sure it is their platform and we all agreed to their terms the second we got their device. But seriously there is something just totally wrong when I have to JB my iPhone to love it, and do what I really want with it. Apple its too cool to accept their short comings and much rather make their users wait months or years for what they can get now by not obeying them, A year later offer what we were asking for and calling it a "New feature" Multitasking its coming on OS 4.0 anyone? tethering, well thats all ATT cause apple delivered that last year. but only after we had already been doing it for about a year before on JB devices. MMS/Video ect ect..

    Sure apple iPhone was a ground braking device when it came out but Apple has failed to evolve it on a timely manner, and has become the follower to legions of hacker when it comes to feature. Most new Features on their OS updates have been copycatted from JB apps.

    Sure i wont argue that flash its a resource hog and May or may not be "dead technology" (amy or may not because its still here and lots of web pages still used) but that should be not for apple to "dictate" and the choice should be give to the user whether they want to use it or not, I am sure the flash wont be coming announcement would of gone down better if they would have been honest with their user base and just told the truth "it was a business decision" instead of the BS they fed us. as far as the **** on their platform i can totally respect that specially for their i pod touch younger market, but parental controls and a app rating would be a better solution in my opinion.

    I being a huge OSS/Platform supporter welcome Droid, Apple its the New Microsucks. except worst cause their fanboys, well they are fan boys... Nough said about that. I prefer to keep my options open and only a fan of choices for in the end that's what is going to move us forward. Competition its good. I believe that while Droids market its not on par with the app store it wont be long before it not only rivals it but bests it I am sure of it. Droid does welcome openness. I still love my iPhone but not the same as when it first came out. Now its more like I have too look out for the updates that apply releases for the phone cause they will make my device most likely uncool untill its JB able again. any ways dRoid ON the iPhone YAY!!

    Droid does indeed do. Keep it real peeps. Aghh it was nice ranting.

  • Jorge
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    Does anyone know if it work on the 3GS???

  • Jon
    Jon Posts: 116
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    Will thiis work on my 3gs iphone?

  • Chris D.
    Chris D. Posts: 1
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    The IPhone 4 is the biggest pile of junk I have ever owned,after owning this,i will never buy another thing made by apple or supports there logo. I am very disapointed in it all around. Have had it a couple of months already froze up in a reboot loop, lost all songs pictures and apps I had bought. I HATE THIS IPHONE4