Apple Might Have A Second iPhone 3GS-Like Next Generation iPhone As Backup

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imageApple Might Have A Second iPhone 3GS-Like Next Generation iPhone As Backup

The multiple leaks of Apple's next generation iPhone prototype in the past few weeks have more or less confirmed the design of the new iPhone that is expected to be unveiled on June 7. However, in a recent interivew, DigiTimes Senior Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple may have...

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  • Wolverinemarky
    Wolverinemarky Posts: 518
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    rather have the new iphone HD and not something that looks like a 3gs and also would pay an extra 38 bucks to have the amoled screen

  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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  • nonoie
    nonoie Posts: 62
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    I loke the new one... better than the current one... look manly... the 3gs shape is more feminine...

  • stan69b
    stan69b Posts: 50
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    Well I love the new design , may be i'am one of the rare people that like it but what ever , it is cool if they realise a Iphone 4G (3GS like design) for people who doesn't like the new device but please , do sell the new designed iphone , I would be disappointed to have an iphone 4G that would be taken for a 3G by my friends and i dislike the 3G and 3GS' design ...... any way , we are approaching the 7th of june , so lets hope for more surprises :D

  • putters
    putters Posts: 57
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    It looks too much like other phones (like the instinct), not the retro look that Apple's known for. Also, it will probably feel weird in your hands when playing games and stuff (as is the issue with other phones), whereas the old iphone was perfect for the universal tilting because of its excellent design. Sure, more power is good, but at what cost that it makes the consumer uncomftorable?

  • hakli
    hakli Posts: 1
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    Think we need some change, even though I don't think the new design is the best in the world, it would still suck to have the same design 3 models in a row.

  • Cesar
    Cesar Posts: 36
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    Yea the only problem is that the iPhone prototype looks like the iPod nano first gen, especially the white one. Feels like we are going back in models instead of renewing the design

  • nicolasl46
    nicolasl46 Posts: 25
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    $38 is probably their cost of the AMOLED screen if bought in big quantities. But I doubt is going to cost us that much. Besides they will probably have to keep the price down in order to offer the two versions they usually offer, one for 199 and the other for 299.

  • duston foster
    duston foster Posts: 10
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    I first thought the found iphone looked like sh*t!!, now i really like the design of it, i am really hoping it is the new model

  • Craig
    Craig Posts: 178
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    I'd be content with the 3gs design I know and love, just my opinion

  • Charged Up Records
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    I like the looks of the new design but the way the older model looked is probably more efficent. I know which way phone is facing in my pocket to keep it from hittin the screen on my keys, and when the phone is tilted or right side up the round feel makes it comfortable instead of the cornered feel of the new one.

    New look = looks cooler

    old look = better efficency in design.

    I'm torn. Maybe they can combine the front side new look with the rounded back or the old look.

  • nicolasl46
    nicolasl46 Posts: 25
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    you put your iphone in the same pocket with your keys? FAIL

    YOUR MOM Posts: 5
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    You put your iphone in the same pocket with your iPod? DOUBLE FAIL

  • nicolasl46
    nicolasl46 Posts: 25
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  • Mingo
    Mingo Posts: 0
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    I like the new design, like most of you said. Something diffent feels better.

  • has
    has Posts: 27
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    original looks much better. new design look shhhhhit

  • anonymous
    anonymous Posts: 106
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    one of the best things of owning an iphone is its great design, more than comfortable in every way anyone uses it!! so now what´s the point in having a new calculator look alike iphone 4g???
    it´s true what some say about it having something different so that people can know if i own a 3gs or a 4g, but hey, not at the expense of saying: hey look, he´s got a 4g, and when the other person asks how do u know? well, cuz it looks like a god damned calculator!! or better yet, now it´s going to be absolutely true that everone is going to have a BRICKED-like iphone!!
    they should change something, yeah, but maybe like the color, or instead od the glassy apple logo maybe they could add some light to it u know, like when the motorola V3i came up, everybody new the difference with the V3, cuz the motorola logo lit uo everytime i used the phone!!

  • joni
    joni Posts: 4
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    Maybe new design ... i dont know :9

  • Clepto
    Clepto Posts: 28
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    I'm sure the light on the back would kill the battery and battery issue is a main point. So..

  • zaraly
    zaraly Posts: 3
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    Does apple HAVE to release a new iphone every year? why can't they just wait until they are sure they can release the good iphone 4G? I just hope apple doesn't release the bad iphone 4G to blow up everyone's hopes.
    With iPhone OS 4.0, iPhone owners will enjoy over 100 new features that make it easier to interact with apps, manage email, read books, and more. New features include the following:

  • Z
    Z Posts: 333
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    new design, looks cooler. plus it would help differentiate. can someone with knowledge tell us about which one would have more surface area for heat dispersal?

  • Car Accident Claims
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    I really jealous the guy who can compare these phones...I wanna touch it now.

  • Triver
    Triver Posts: 20
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    not matter what they had better do something and something fast. Google made the right decision by allowing other companies to use there OS which has blow a hole in Apple's ship and it's sinking fast. What Android has offered with the first year and a half apple has dragged it's feet, where as the hacker community has filled the gaps. Come on Apple at the very least break up with At&t and release a kick ass phone with great hardware. You policy of holding back is over. This is you LAST year to shine if you don't make drastic change. (btw.. my bet is the lost iphone isn't the one we that will be released).

  • Kino
    Kino Posts: 13
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    i love the 3gs design, still i hoped for a new design which resembles the 3gs... anyway i hate the new design 1st time i saw it i thought to myself it must be totally fake!
    sorry to say but its ugly. IMO!
    its like going back in time... the 3gs looks from the future next to it.

  • nipponj
    nipponj Posts: 2
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    the 3gs looks more recent than the iphone 4g. the new 4G prototype is not sexy like the 3g/3gs but the simplicity and thiness would be nice to have. I kinda like it and i hope it will be cheap lol