Apple Increases Number Of Apps Showcased On App Store Charts To 200

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imageApple Increases Number Of Apps Showcased On App Store Charts To 200

With over 200,000 iPhone apps now available for download on the App Store, app developers have a tough time in ensuring that their apps are visible to iPhone users. However, this is not a problem for the app developers alone. The inordinately high number of apps has also meant that...

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    gud....iphone hacks is the best website providing relevent and true information about iphone,ipads etc,,,updated time to time.

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    For a iPhone website. I wish it was in iPhone format. I'm a active user and would like to see a forum or something so I font have to type my email and user each time I wanna comment. Besides that this site is my fav site for anything iPhone related

  • Richard
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    I'd like to see Apple showcase not only the most popular PAID apps and FREE apps, but also the NEWEST Apps. I also like STAFF Favorites.

    It would probably result in my viewing the App Store on a Daily basis, just to see "what's new". This can only help new developers and Apple revenues too.

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