iPhone 4G Coming To Sprint Next Month?

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imageiPhone 4G Coming To Sprint Next Month?

Several rumors in the past few weeks have pointed out to the possibility of the next generation iPhone to be available on Verizon from September this year. However, if the latest rumors are to be believed, customers may not get a Verizon iPhone anytime soon but they also may not...

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  • Andy
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    If you don't such articles then skip it.

  • Anks
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    Sure Bill.... get a life .....

  • Sean
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    Right, a dime a dozen, minimum wage employee was trusted with highly confidential information regarding a secret product release from a Fortune 500 company and he is also the first person with this info who thought of leaking it. No reason not to believe that...

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    Man! A bestbuy person said that. Come on now, But I always said sprint wias going to get the iPhone and not verizon on this forum and everyone went crazy on me. But look it might hPpen and it makes lots of sense. Wimax and the best everything plan out there for smart phones. Ok I'm 1 that is switching carriers from iPhone 3g (AT&T) to the EVO. Now this makes me happy as I will maybe have two phone to choose from I it comes to sprint. But to stick with the iPhone 4g it must be better in slot of ways then the htc evo.

  • Franky j
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    Damn this iPhone and it's mistakes. Ya get the picture.

  • Jared
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    THANK YOU... If you look back 3 months or so, I posted that it would be much more likely for Sprint to get the iPhone than Verizon. They're further ahead in technology than VZW, and they're a lot hungrier considering their subscriber hemoraging. They also have the best priced plans and are equipped to gobble up huge market share (also eluded to by AT&T doubling their termination fees). Sprint stock will SURGE if this is the case.

  • Billy Gates
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    If this is true i really pity the poor souls whom all signed a 2 years contract with Sprint to get the HTC Evo 4G. Their 4G network is not even ready yet!!!!!

  • Nebnostod
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    Um, Sprints stock is up 11+% since Friday. Some insiders must already have this information.

  • jomamma
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  • Jorge
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    I bet Steve jobs' ass that sprint won't get the phone this summer

  • nonoie
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    to all the people are waiting to jump overboard from ATT....give my regards to your new carrier.... but dont forget to let me know ,, ill buy your ATT Iphone ...email me

  • Mario
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    Lol this article is like big foot shows.. Tune in we got evidence... At the end of the show.. We didn't get anything we will try again next time.. That's what he means

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    blah blah blah just wait for the damn announcement n thats it... HTC EVO and an iphone on sprint nearly at the same time....IMPROBABLE

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    I'm not sure about the credibility... I work at Best Buy and all I can say (in this guy's defense)is that displays are normally shipped to the store about a week in advance... Maybe the store is getting the display, but it will have to stay in the back for a week or two.

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    you got a point there!

  • SteveK
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    I spoke with my rep at Sprint yesterday after reading this rumor and she confirmed to me that Sprint WILL have the iPhone on sale on June 4th. She also mentioned to me that she will get me a demo unit ASAP. I'm curious to compare the 2 side-by-side since I currently have AT$T iPhone service now.

  • Colton
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    the rumors are true i have a friend who works at sprint he told me over a month ago

  • Josh
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    I agree this is hogwash. I think this becuase it is not atts network that is bad it is the strain of the iPhone on the network which Att has fixed. I no longer have any problems whatsoever. And I also think that the ipad being exclusive to Att also tells us that iPhone exclucivity will follow suit.

  • Joe
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    This is retarded! I work for a real sprint store, and this is not going to happen. The idiot who wrote this probally didn't understand that best buy carries multiple companies. He seen the add that said 4G iPhone, and put 2 and 2 together and came up way short. iPhone 4G is the fourth generation of iPhones which is constantly making customers thank that either At&t has a 4G network, or Sprint has an iPhone. Do your homework, exclusivity has ended with At&t, and Sprint will get one, but it will most likely be in december, and there has been no Sprint information that suggests such. It is just likely.