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    "" released to simplify application (hacks) management on your iPhone

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    image"" released to simplify application (hacks) management on your iPhone

    We had seen a flood of iPhone applications (hacks is probably the more appropriate term) in the last couple of weeks, however one of the complaints from many iPhone users has been that the iPhone hacks are mostly complicated and difficult to install and at times even hard to find....

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    • davedave Posts: 389
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      what good is a hack if only 1% knows how to use it??? pls give the other 99% an EASY way :) That means 1 step install does it all...the hack and installs whatever you want. i have no clue here and neither does anyone else.

    • Andrew CarsonAndrew Carson Posts: 1
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      Wow, thats really not sweet at all.....I got lost after reading like 5 lines of the link......I'm not a developer, or a hacker but I really appreciate you all trying to help... however; for someone who is not very tech savy... this does NOT HELP at all....

      We need a VERY simple walkthrough, I'm willing to take the time, but I don't understand any of that freaky ass nerdy code bullshit...thanks again

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
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      I agree but lets face it, not all hacks are for the NOT so technically inclined. Unfortunately for most of hacks currently available you need to get your hands dirty.

      The other issue is I still don't have an iPhone as it is still to be launched in Europe, so I am also not able to test it myself which would helped me give more detailed instructions.

      Having said that one of the good resources for step by step guide is However, not all the hacks are covered here.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks for visiting do visit again.

      iPhone Hacks

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      To maje this work for the non techies, all you would need to do is use iFuntastic (latest version with file browser) and just upload the into your Applications folder. All the installs I've tried so far work flawlessly.

    • davedave Posts: 389
      via Wordpress

      i cant use ifuntastic, i have a PPC :(

    • Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      complain complain complain.

      If you can't do this. Then i suggest you pay AT&T.

      I'll be doing this.

    • L33t l0z3RzL33t l0z3Rz Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      yeah if funtastic does the easy install but is there any reason it HAS to be only made for the newest Macs? I'd really love to see a version made for other systems. I've always hated the elitist approach to sharing hacks. The more people get into it, the more it becomes a 'scene', and I've seen how far that can go. Everyone helps each other push it along a bit further until seemingly every possiblility becomes exhausted within the limitations of the technology. Otherwise its just a handful of assholes running around going "look what I can do. Bet ya wish YOU could do this :-P"

    • nicknick Posts: 219
      via Wordpress

      How do you put on 1.1.4?

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