AT&T To Offer MobileProtect Insurance Plan To iPhone Users From June 6

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imageAT&T To Offer MobileProtect Insurance Plan To iPhone Users From June 6

We all love our iPhone for its design and form factor. However, these aspects are also a major reason why the iPhone is so vulnerable to damage. Until now, users who wish to sign up for an iPhone insurance had to go for AppleCare. That could soon change as reports...

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  • jejej
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    via Wordpress going to sign up then claim my iphone got stolen.

  • Blue
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    Wouldn't pay more than $1-2 month insurance... especially since my home/auto insurance would cover most phone replacement scenarios.

  • qazplm
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    And you don't think any other deadbeat has ever thought of this? Mobile phones and many other things have been scammed on insurance since the dawn of time, however given these days your old phone will be unusable and unsellable i fail to see why you'd bother, or i guess you hadn't thought that far ahead.

    More often its used when scumbags drop their phone, cant afford the 100 odd dollars to get it fixed so they break it even more "by accident" so they can get a new one and because insurance companys didnt get the billions they have by being morons like the ones that try to pull a scam, they're catching people out more and more often.

    While its fun at a 12 year old level to plot and scheme to "stick it to the man" have a think about what would happen if everyone was as juvenile and as selfish as yourself.

    Besides insurance on items like these is only for those who can't really afford to own them in the first place.

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    Woohoo!!! I will claim mine was stolen then i will get a new one jailbreak the old one and make a ton on eBay. Finally AT&T gets it right!!! LOL

  • a
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  • Jmedic
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    These guys! You are the reason insurance is so expensive.

  • Sloop
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    $13 a month?! by the time your contract is up thats $312! Thats crazy! I'd rather just take care of my stuff. The only way I would get insurance is if it was less than $5 a month.

  • Jayb
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    Agree that is steep !!!

  • nicolasl46
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    Its going to be $14.99, a friend of mine just got training on the new features for the insurance a couple of days ago.

  • Anthony
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    Also remember all the fee's and everything else AT&T will charge that will be added to the price for the iphone insurance, with Phone Guard Global its $134.95 for the 16gb and $139.95 for the 32gb and they have a $50.00 deductible on accidental and $75.00 deductible on theft/loss and no other fee's added and they send out a replacement check for the full retail value for a new iphone they dont send out reburbished equipment. So visit or search the App store for Phone Guard Global.