Apple Planning To Release iOS 4.0.1 To Fix iPhone 4 Reception Issues?

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imageApple Planning To Release iOS 4.0.1 To Fix iPhone 4 Reception Issues?

Apple and Steve Jobs had responded to the widely publicized iPhone reception issues stating that it was a ‘non-issue’ and that this is "fact of life" for any wireless phone, advising users to avoid gripping it in the lower left corner or use an iPhone case. That response naturally did...

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  • Jay
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  • LowPerformance
    LowPerformance Posts: 20
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    i guess im special i dont have any reception issues with my 4

    Any idea on a fix for laggy 3G 4.0?

  • LowPerformance
    LowPerformance Posts: 20
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    i dont really see what all the huff is about
    My 4 is badass i cant honestly say i have a single complaint about it...

  • beerman
    beerman Posts: 1
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    you must be right handed :)

  • Jrshdw
    Jrshdw Posts: 1
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    Anyone worried apple will just raise the base band on the iPhone 4 that means this software update will make the signal stronger on the iPhone so your hands won't be able to block the signal bad part is you will be affected in the future this could cause cancer not good

  • Bazza
    Bazza Posts: 13
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    I must be one of the lucky ones. I'm in the UK and I purchased a sim free unlocked iphone4 with modem firmware 01.59.00 and I don't have any reception problems whatsoever.
    I feel sorry for the people who do have problems.
    Steve Jobbs tweeted that he may have to recall iphone4. Mines staying firmly in my grip with no issues.

  • James
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    Getting a replacement already, mine works great then will pop up a no SIM card msg. Over and over, 2nd SIM but still no luck. I had absolutely no reception problems till they had me reset my network settings, now mine loses signal also. BUT I love it!! It's the best piece of technology since computers in my opinion!

  • mike
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    Love the iphone4 .. great device but losses signal and service as soon as I pick it up. Even holding it "properly" does not solve the problem.

    A phone that you cannot use to make calls is no good. I want my money back..Sorry Steve

  • fiingers21
    fiingers21 Posts: 8
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    I had the signal issue in the uk for the first day, but after a full charge, it seems resolved. I can't get it to drop signal at all now. Mine will be staying with me if there is a recall.

  • Amadeus
    Amadeus Posts: 8
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    I have the reception issue but am not able to make calls when it happens... Suck it Steve Jobs!

  • Saj
    Saj Posts: 10
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    It's definitely very bad bad bad. Lets hope they fix it quick!!!

  • Mark
    Mark Posts: 267
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    When I hold the phone with my left hand at work, I do not see the problem. At home, it drops from 5 bars to 1 bar. It takes about 15 seconds for this to happen.

  • greenshifted
    greenshifted Posts: 4
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    Just an FYI. The reason some people can replicate the issue while others cannot is likely their unique electrical resistances (of their bodies). People with high resistance (1 megaohm or more) probably read as little or no change to the circuit...while those with much lower resistance (kilo-ohm range for example ) very likely would bridge the antennae causing the reception issue.

  • MO
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    I'm waiting for the white one but now I'm wondering if I should wait longer. I have a 3GS and I've gripped this phone everyway possible and I still get full signal no dropped bars. Obviously this is an issue for some iPhone 4's. A friend has one of the Droids he grips his and it losses signal too so some phones have issues others don't.

  • JFA
    JFA Posts: 20
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    What are the causes for the body to have higher or lower resistance?

  • GetBumpers
    GetBumpers Posts: 1
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    I solved my problem by getting a "Bumper" from Apple.

    Don't expect a software fix to be the ultimate solution as it may come at a price.

    The price may be a frequency change in order to preserve the call.
    It may be a switch (when the antennae get grounded) to a band where 3G is not available or data services are much slower or simply not available.
    It's a gamble that depends on the carrier's frequency and service allocation for your area of service and how many customers are sharing those resources.

    iPhone 4 can operate in:
    3G on 850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz
    2G on 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

  • al
    al Posts: 64
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    I've tested the signal thing with my 3gs without a case and my hand DOES hamper the signal. With an Otter Box case (or probably any case), there is NO affect on the signal. Get a case folks! This may solve your issue.

  • Jordan
    Jordan Posts: 163
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    Got my 4g on Thursday and have frquent dropped calls and **** service :-(
    i live in the Uk and up until got this, had NO issues via o2 network :-(
    If the case is seen as an ESSENTIAL...........Apple should have supplied one with the handset?
    I pay £45 p/mth for this?

  • 4
    4 Posts: 0
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    How does "stay tuned" indicate that there will be a software update? I have no idea how you make that leap. And if they do release an update, I highly doubt it will do any good as this is mainly a hardware issue.

  • brittosa
    brittosa Posts: 13
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    Oh oh! I just hope Apple hasn't brute-forced into the latest Ultrasn0w yet and found a way to patch it out...

  • smash
    smash Posts: 26
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    I thought the same, but then I tried it again and it does have problem. You must hold for a while to actually see the problem.

  • Kewlj1313
    Kewlj1313 Posts: 8
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    Per my other posts and videos you have seen that I have been having freezing issues. These freezing issues have still been persisting and Apple has said that they will replace my device. I am just waiting for the local stores to get some in stock. I can also confirm that this reception issue is real and I have personally seen it "in person" on 6 different iPhone 4 devices.

  • Cooper
    Cooper Posts: 144
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    A cheap fix would be to put a small piece of clear Scotch tape over the black band to insulate the area from your hand. Clear nail polish will work too.

    I am personally going to wait until someone makes a cheap knockoff bumper. No way I am paying $30 for a cheap piece of rubber.

  • Justin
    Justin Posts: 142
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    What about the sensor for making the screen go black when making phone calls. I've put people on hold, speaker, and have called other people be accident when talking to someone. That seems to be a big issue with me.

  • Ashenden
    Ashenden Posts: 9
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    Hurr durr mine works fine so there must be no problem at all for anyone.

  • John
    John Posts: 790
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    I was thinking the same thing, but since I'm no expert on the topic I was guessing that it had to do with our blood type.

    I can't replicate the error no matter how many ways I try it. I've even palmed the entire phone with both hands, covering both sides of the plastic area and still have full bars of 3g. It works great for me so far.

  • John
    John Posts: 790
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    It's only a big issue because it's apple. When other phones have the problem, it doesn't even make it to the front page news.