iPhone 4 Reception Issues: Detailed Analysis



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    Damn..that is a long comment.. I'll continue reading it tomorrow. geeees

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    i know but it resumes everything and resolve it also.

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    I had my iPhone since June 23rd haven't had any problems. When I try to short the two antennas together to duplicate the problems with my fingers or by using the death grip my bars remain full and my call quality doesn't degrade according to friends on the other end. They tell me that they can't even tell that I'm on a cell phone. No static or no background noise. There are people at my work was skeptal about buying the iPhone 4 because all of the media that's going on so they try to duplicate the issue with my phone and couldn't either. Four other people from my work went out and bought the Iphone 4 yesterday (after trying it out on my phone at AT&T) and they could not duplicate any issues on their phones either.

    Never had reception issues in Southern Cal with AT&T with iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and now the 4. I bought my son the Droid last Christmas with verizon cause he was on his moms plan. Good phone but he wanted my 3GS so I put him on my account and he said he is much happier because the Android market sucks and prefers apples app store. ( he ha

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    FYI....If you want to get into a pissing match then great, but the 3GS was my first and only upgrade since having the first gen so go **** YOURSELF "stupid you". You must looks pretty fly being the first one to have that shiny new glass phone that you cant use unless you have a cell tower jamed up your ass along with the rest first in line trinkets.

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    Does spirit jailbreak still work with 3gs 3.1.3???

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    It sucks if ur left-handed, like myself. It's smart of apple forget about 30% of the world population being left handed. They knew what they were doing when they did it. The should have made left-handed units

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    Dude, you are funny!! LMFAO

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    My poor guy i will resume this to 2 easy thing :
    First i didn't told what whas good to buy before and what was not, next i'm building devices and selling them and you know what ? they work from the very beginning and people are satisfied and i'm not apple but i make better tablet than them for a little more expensive.
    Second : I earnt money selling my iphone 3g and buying the new one approx 140$ cause of my perfect dual boot iphone 3g that everybody wanted to have .
    Thirst and last but not least : I got no reception problems so what the **** are you yelling for nothing ?

    The result, i thought it would be interesting getting a really good phone cause the iphone4 can't even be compared to the 3gs that's a total update and the best phone i ever saw and that's only the beginning as they are saying, i earnt money and it works like a charm and plus, i'm conscient that iPhone is not life, that people doesn't care about our life and i see easily in you the guy that did many time the mistake of updating first one a maj and regretted or bought a device first and regret too and now very happy from is 13 years to say that this time he didn't did it. But is that the subject of the news ? i don't think so.

    Here is a place for adults that in case of having problems check why, helps others and are not here to judge them because only having this way to think they can't stop hating themself and their poor little life cause that time they didn't made the mistake of putting the only money of their year (not thinking people work and have a lot more money than you, maybe cause they are more respectfull, and can assume to buy a so good phone when it comes out) in a Phone.

    I don't know your age but that's easily possible that i hadn't any phone at all at your age, go and play ballon with your tree or for one time try to find friend by talking correctly to people on internet, that will others that see you in real life not wanting to beat you, that way you're not pasting your revenge feeling on a poor news website.

    i Mean, i really don't care about having the last word are not, just trying to make you understand that helping people and being cool not judging them will help you, even if your ugly and hates yourself. That'll help you for sure. Think about it instead of answering someone that has no problem buying one of the best phone on the place earning money at the same time and that has no problem with it and explaining that the debate could have been made from 3g to 3gs that's all.

    Take care of you and think about it even if i'm sure you gonna shout at me again but that won't help you for nothing in your real life.

    And by the way, if you so want the iphone 4 and the iPad , don't hurt yourself that much to preserve a poor proudness wich has no meaning, go and buy them if you can afford it. No, for the iPad buy my tablette instead type JPAD + Wall on youtube first video, it was nude but now ready to be sold and got money from many partner you'll be able to buy it before christmas.


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    I have one and it's not and issue ..... I love my new iPhone 4!!!

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    This is probably the most hilarious comment I have read.

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    You made my day!!!

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    Its funny cuz u talk about iphone fanboys being the saddest while its even more ironicaly sad that U are the type of fag with no friends that goes on the internet just so he can look for the iphone fanboys and write dumbass comments like this one about topics that have nothing to do with you cuz u probably dont even own an iphone