iMovie App Works Perfectly Fine On A Hacked iPhone 3GS



  • Mat
    Mat Posts: 15
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    I just loaded it from **** and it is running fine on my 3GS

  • Drewza
    Drewza Posts: 1
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    OK, I have installed iMovie onto my iPod Touch 2G running iOS 4 using a cracked app I found and it runs fine, until you add media. Then it just freezes up and if you open the app again it opens up to the edit screen and freezes then goes black and closes, any suggestions. I changed the front facing camera to false but didn't change the firmware, should I do that? Also, part of the firmware strings in the info.plist file say '4.0 GM' should I change it to just '4.0' because I don't have the GM firmware?