Security Researchers trick iPhone Location Finder; What does it mean for iPhone users?

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Security Researchers trick iPhone Location Finder; What does it mean for iPhone users?

Security Researchers have reported a security issue with the quasi-GPS feature of Apple's iPhone. So what does it mean for you as iPhone users? In iPhone firmware 1.1.3, the Google Maps application on the iPhone had got an update to pinpoint your location using Wi-Fi base stations and cell tower...

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  • Dj RaYz
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    I have a doubt that they would include real GPS on top of 3G. The battery draining will be intense between 3G, GPS, and people driving with their bluetooth headsets (on June 2008 its going to be illegal to talk on the phone without a headset).

    But who knows, I don't work for Apple and I am not aware of what technology they are researching for batteries. I hope for the best!

  • Kris
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    I have to plug my iPhone in all the time anyway. I would sacrifice even more battery life for features. Just imagine, I could be getting GPS directions while listinging to MobileScrobbler over Edge. I can imagine a 3g iPhone would be able to access itunes without wifi, too.

    I could go geocaching with my phone!

  • Vinny
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    This is a pretty dumb piece of research. It would be no different than saying if I set up a cell site that pretended to be an ATT site that the phone can be tricked in to communicating with it.

  • Louis
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    I still use roadmaps...No need for GPS.. if you don't know where you're at or where you're going and need to know which direction you should be heading, what are the odds of getting a free wifi hotspot unless you are in your hotel room..

    I can see this being useful if you don't want roaming or long distance charges when traveling abroad. (but) if you have an unlocked iphone you can just buy a local chip from the country you are in...

    Interesting but am still lost..Help me I am at the corner of Bleeker and Green

    The biggest security flaw is not being able to change the password to the hijacked phone. Pop up on any free network and someone can copy all your info and you'd never know... Remember to turn ssh off when not using it...

    I'd never do banking on my phone...

  • Tony
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    this is retarded who cares that you can trick it?
    you can trick any piece of technology in believing anything you want it to... im sure even gps can be tricked with a fake gps satelite..

  • khodaidad
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