Native iPhone App - Fring brings Real VOIP App to the iPhone

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imageNative iPhone App - Fring brings Real VOIP App to the iPhone

Fring, an Israeli startup that offers VOIP & Chat service for mobile phones has launched their native iPhone application that allows iPhone owners to make Skype and other VoIP calls over Wi-Fi. Today's release of Fring should make it one of the hottest native applications to be released for the...

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  • Chris
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  • David
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    I downloaded it recently, and after a long Connection to Skype, I was able to get it to work.

    I was able to place calls, and that call worked fine.

    But I had someone call me, and I did not receive any notification that I was receiving a call, and I could not pick up the call.

    So its not totally functional as of yet, but it is very promising.

  • Julio
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    Great app! MSN and GoogleTalk work perfectly to make and receive calls among its own contacts. Awsome!

  • Duc
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    is skype still free?

  • Martin
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    I also installed "Fring" on my iphone and used it. The sound quality was not so great and I hear the interference from other people sometimes. Another thing is the headset. How come it doesn't work at all with the headset?
    Is that just me?

  • eok
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    Fring is not the 1st who did this.

    Real SIP is done by Touchmods since New-Year 08.
    The Application is free.

    search youtube for videos "touchmods".
    or visit the website

  • j2innet
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    this thread is interesting. i have called up local SIP provider, roughly SGD$25/month with free call up to 240mins/day (yes per day, just to prevent abuser)

    does anyone using free SIP? any recommendation? i read some thread ppl is sharing mediaring service is actually SIP compatible, they even posted the mediaring's SIP setting... anyone could share more on these? please thank you.