Twinkle - iPhone Twitter App adds Location Feature

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imageTwinkle - iPhone Twitter App adds Location Feature

If you are a Twitter addict and liked MobileTwitter, the native iPhone application which I had reviewed few days back then you should also checkout Twinkle, another native Twitter client for the iPhone that has been recently released. Twinkle has couple of additional features that got me interested. The two...

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  • shane blyth
    shane blyth Posts: 25
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    This app is awesome.
    I dumped mobile twitter and am using it now instead.
    The distance thing has been really helpful to find local people twittering and add them in. I found a few friends I didnt know where on twitter. It is just a very nice app. There are a couple of things I was told they are going to add on ASAP and thats clickable links and the ability to add users to follow. (at present I have to go to Twitterific on my Macbook Pro to add them)

  • David
    David Posts: 225
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    I've been using this for a little while now, and it works great. I do wish I could see the Location Info, and picture on my computer at or something. But nonetheless, it is a great feature for the iPhone and ads a new dimension to twittering, that is special just to iPhone users.

  • The Tuesday Night Tech Show
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    This is the BEST Twitter app, hands down. The location feature is incredible and the fact that you can attach photos is also great (though they have to have Twinkle to see them).

  • Len
    Len Posts: 3
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    How do you all get the location feature to work? Every time I go to use it, it says, "Trying to locate you" for a minute then crashes the program.

  • Albert
    Albert Posts: 17
    via Wordpress has been doing exactly the same for over the last couple months.

    You can take a photo, post a text and upload it (location is automatically guesseed), and it can be published to twitter, facebook flickr and picasa at once

    Give it a look

  • ksc
    ksc Posts: 1
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    with the newest version of twinkle, you can see the photos on via a url. also clickable links have been added as well as the follow/block ability.

    twitxr can't compare to this ... as this is a twitter client with photo and location capabilities. twitxr is really for just posting a photo link to twitter.

    twinkle is awesome!

  • Twinkle is AWESOME! As Albert said, the latest version lets your pictures be seen on through a tinyurl-like URL. The interface has changed now, too, and you can now Reply, Send Private Message, Follow/Unfollow, and view Profile and Posts of people twittering.

    You have to check this out. It's the reason I started using twitter!

  • lanevids
    lanevids Posts: 1
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    twinkle crashes during the "locate me" also, what gives?

  • Rod
    Rod Posts: 33
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    will it work on a jailbroken ipod touch too?

  • arthur
    arthur Posts: 13
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  • Vandikar
    Vandikar Posts: 1
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    Wish I could join the fanclub for this program but I worked with it for 3 hours and couldn't ever get the thing to work. Nothing I entered ever showed up on my wife's mobile device and nothing she entered showed up on mine except through the sms client.

    The settings window, such as it is, doesn't work and trying to follow someone from the twinkle program is, near as I can tell, impossible.

    Everyone seems to love this program, and I want too, but 3 hours is long enough, I'm back to mobile twitter and SMS.

  • Neptic
    Neptic Posts: 1
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    I had this installed and it worked for about a month, Suddenly I get a authentication error and cannot ever get on through the iPhone interface, but online it works. What happened?

  • mike
    mike Posts: 489
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    It's weird that Twinkle seems to think that I (and a number of other nearby users) are in American Samoa, when we're in Sydney, Australia. It even lists the correct Sydney suburb, but the country is wrong by 1000 miles or so!

  • Chell
    Chell Posts: 1
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    Hey Neptic I have the same Problem:

    "worked for about a month, Suddenly I get a authentication error and cannot ever get on through the iPhone interface, but online it works. What happened?"

    What can i do?

  • Vermilion
    Vermilion Posts: 1
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    Any chance on getting Twinkle into the App Store? I've got a shiny new iPhone 3G, and Twitterific, despite winning some Apple Design Award, sucks.

  • maria
    maria Posts: 10
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    Hi, I have a question. I'm trying to turn on my bluetooth device on my iphone (1st genetation) but the setting says (bluetooth unavailable) can someone help me with that please?

  • maria
    maria Posts: 10
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    Hi, I have a question. I'm trying to turn on my bluetooth device on my iphone (1st genetation) but the setting says (bluetooth unavailable) can someone help me with that please?

  • Jen
    Jen Posts: 16
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    My iPhone isn't jailbroken and yet Twinkle works just fine. Not sure why you're saying to jailbreak it?

    Anyway, it's a great app.

  • Ian S.
    Ian S. Posts: 1
    via Wordpress - a funny little twitter app.

  • Devin
    Devin Posts: 14
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    Check out this solution for Twitter locations:
    You can post your location as a short url ( or as a 'short-cut' url ( or even tweet your iPhone's exact GPS coordinates.

  • TvvitterBug
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