Breaking News: Pre-release iPhone firmware 2.0 confirms 3G iPhone is coming soon

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imageBreaking News: Pre-release iPhone firmware 2.0 confirms 3G iPhone is coming soon

Its has been hard to stay away from all the rumors about the imminent launch of the 3G iPhone. However, not any longer as the pre-release version of iPhone firmware 2.0 included in the latest Apple iPhone SDK Beta 5 (Build 5a274D) which is currently available only to members of...

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  • Bob
    Bob Posts: 183
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    what do i think?

    i think i just got the iphone and am pissed at this news.

  • Shawn
    Shawn Posts: 39
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    well i think you should have waited, because everyone knew that this was in the near future...

  • Kane2007uk
    Kane2007uk Posts: 17
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    Not bothered in the slightest, I'm not on contract so it's useless lol

  • Alessandro
    Alessandro Posts: 12
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    It's quite easy to create a native application that has a interface similar to the one used there...

  • kody epperson
    kody epperson Posts: 12
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    a few months ago i completely killed my iPhone and called up apple I have them help me out. They couldn't do jack but I got a few questions about the 3g iPhone while I was at it. The guy I was talking to insisted that 3g onthe iPhone could just be a software update and it all depended on the sim card you're using... He clearly had no idea what he was talking about so asking questions gets us nowhere. We might as well just wait and see when the new phone comes out before declaring how much it will cost or any of that. And as for the guy who says it's fake.... Suckadick.

  • TRON
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    apple did know what they were talkin about. thats why the at&t sim card that comes with the phone says 3g on it. the new firmware will work to detect if you have that 3g sim card and 3 g will work on the old i phones as well as the new ones.

  • kody epperson
    kody epperson Posts: 12
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    well I'm confusedthen because everywhere else I read it says they need a new chip to do it... Is that just to conserve battery?

  • iPhoneHacks
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    The iPhone currently uses Infineon's SGOLD2 chipset, to drive its communication link which is a EDGE-only chipset.

    So I don't think 3G can be enabled with just a firmware update, it will also need upgraded hardware i.e. a new chipset.

    Here is an interesting article over at Apple Insider which gives/speculates some details about the chipset we could see in the next version of iPhone based on a reference found in the pre-release version of iPhone firmware 2.0:


  • dogmeat
    dogmeat Posts: 2
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    What is the big deal with 3G anyway, everyone seems excited about it, but no one can explain the difference... My friend that had 3G on his blackberry, who i convinced the iphone was better and bought one, says there is no difference in performance that he can tell.

  • Xrunerrman
    Xrunerrman Posts: 1
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    3G is not all its cracked up to. I have a 3g phone for 3 4years know. I know before I get into it. I was a Motorola A925. Witch no one carries in the US. 3G is like high speed internet thats all. They are almost to 4g so your not going to gain anything. I would wait till 4g is out in the next 3 or so years.