Native iPhone Game: Raging Thunder - Accelerometer Controlled Racing game for the iPhone

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imageNative iPhone Game: Raging Thunder - Accelerometer Controlled Racing game for the iPhone

Folks at Polarbit are giving us a glimpse of their gut-churning, tire burning racing game called Raging Thunder for the iPhone by making the demo version available as a native iPhone application via the Installer. Even though it is not completely ready, the demo version of the iPhone game is...

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  • kody epperson
    kody epperson Posts: 12
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    i downloaded and installed this last night... and i don't plan on it again.

    i tried to open it and it flashed white and immediately restarted my iphone.

  • wes
    wes Posts: 53
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    game isnt bad. The controls are very touchy, the slightest bump will put u in the wall. Its pretty fun though. I have only won 1 race out of about 6, but still fun

  • Jared
    Jared Posts: 67
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    Very buggy. Cant play championship. Sound doesnt work. Freezes when you quit out using the home button.

  • gil
    gil Posts: 34
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    What am I doing wrong? I downloaded the app from installer but when I click on it I get the bell image from the ringer and then the app closes, I can't even uninstall it thru installer

  • gil
    gil Posts: 34
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    I got it working now just had to reinstall it found it under games as opossed to recent packages. Wow very impressive graphics and good fps running smoothly very impressive games coming soon,now can we get quake3 worms Armageddon, who knows maybe sega will do house of the dead?

  • Louis
    Louis Posts: 180
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    Wow! that is soooo cool! Love it....No sound though..Would be cool if it was in landscape mode. Graphics are just like on the PSP Ridge Racer

  • abtin
    abtin Posts: 1
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    I can not find it in my installer. Could any one put it's source address up?

  • Da E-meister
    Da E-meister Posts: 1
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    AWESOME game, best racing game for iPhone so far, I wish there were more like it. I downloaded it on 4 days ago, and was immediately intrigued on all aspects of it, excellent gameplay, heard some random tidbits of sound here and there, some control glitches e.g. in middle of race, switching apps, coming back and car sticks to one side, crashing repeatedly into wall. But all in all a good game, beat it in 3 days, wasn't that hard once you got a feel for it, wish there was more games like it.

    ***hint*** upgrade control lastly-the accelerometer is already very sensitive

  • nicodlr
    nicodlr Posts: 0
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    can i download this game to the sciphone??