iPhone SDK beta 6 build 9M2192 released; confirms 3G iPhone is coming soon

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iPhone SDK beta 6 build 9M2192 released; confirms 3G iPhone is coming soon

Apple has released the latest beta version of the iPhone SDK, build 9M2192 Beta 6 and the iPhone experts have again found something interesting to report to confirm the news reported couple of weeks back here at iPhone Hacks that the 3G iPhone is coming soon. Everytime there is a...

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  • tim
    tim Posts: 173
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    I'll be updating to 2.0 once its jailbroken...

  • Juan Andres
    Juan Andres Posts: 5
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    with no doubt I will upgrade to 2.0
    Hopefully there is a trade for old and new iPhones


  • urherenow
    urherenow Posts: 24
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    same here. I will upgrade when either jailbreaking or pwning does the job. I'll also change phones if I'm not forced to renew my contract for another 2 years YET AGAIN (nor will I buy one from ebay without a contract that will cost me $100~$200 more than a store purchace)

    But this piece of news confirmed 1 thing for me... the 3g phones can fall back to edge! I was worried about that because there is no 3g where I'm at but there is 30 minutes away where I go shopping quite often.

  • what29
    what29 Posts: 4
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    I found this website that i linked to my name above actually found them in facebook, just click on my name to go there, dont worry, you dont need to be a facebook member. They had me up and running in no time and i now have complete access to their Apple developers account with my own user ID and password. They have links to the newest beta firmware for pc's and mac as well as iTunes 8.2 links. It was worth it, just my 2 cents for anyone who is in the same boat i was.