iPhone Accessory - iControlPad will add physical buttons and joypad to the iPhone for some serious g

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imageiPhone Accessory - iControlPad will add physical buttons and joypad to the iPhone for some serious gaming action

We have seen some interesting native games for the iPhone such as Raging Thunder that have taken advantage of iPhone's accelerometer and can expect games like Doom and Quake 3 to be ported to the iPhone soon. Though all that is exciting news for iPhone users, I prefer the physical...

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  • Bourne
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    Useless. First gaming isnt ideal on cellphones and even the iPhone. So if I have to carry that huge thing why not just bring a real portable gaming device.

  • bikerdudepost
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    I think it is a great idea for 3 reasons: 1) I am not a hard core games and would gladly sacrafice some grafix to only cary one device even if it is marginly bigger. I enjoy the super nintendo games and the turbo racing game and that is pretty good graphics. So one device over 2 is a big win in my book expocally on the motorcycle. 2) with this kind of devlopement users can have the kind of textile feeback they need say when they can't look directly at there phones. Say when changing songs in iTunes or making a "quick dial". For the iPhone market something like this could could be used to hold, switch, merge, answer, and end calls all based on what buttons you pushed giving the user a rich textile feedback system. 3) with this kind of devlopement means more and more 3rd party "add on's" for the iPhone, I have seen a sort of gps unit but looks at the bigger picture with perhaps a travel keyboard like the palms have, barcode readers, perhaps someone will make a 3G unit( I know I would like that as I don't have 3G where I like but sometimes go to areas that are covered), a camera flash, a forward pointing camera( for video confrencing and or maybe a "nicer" perhaps even high end video add on.... R&D on this kind of stuff opens the devlope of endless possiblities!

  • Jack Rythers
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