IntelliScreen gives a view of the Calendar, Email, SMS, News, Sports, and Weather on your iPhone's l

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imageIntelliScreen gives a view of the Calendar, Email, SMS, News, Sports, and Weather on your iPhone's locked screen

Want a quick glimpse of when and where your next meeting is? or if you have new email? or a quick glance at your SMS messages without the need to unlock your iPhone (referring to slide to unlock) then you should checkout this nifty little native iPhone application called IntelliScreen....

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  • Douceswild
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    I liked the app, but it disabled my vWallpaper which I like more. After uninstalling this app, my icons no longer function. I was able to scroll through the different springboards, but when I tapped an icon, nothing. Had to restore my iphone. I won't be installing this again.

  • roar
    roar Posts: 1
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    Wouldnt install for me on 1.1.4 The source loads fine but when I try to install I get a 'Main Script Execution Failed!' error.

  • ice
    ice Posts: 8
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    be carefull with this software. i installed it on my 1.1.4 and after a relaunch of my phone i couldn´t type in anything. i couldn´t even switch the phone of, because it didn´t recognises my fingerstroke to swich of or to activate the phone. i think i need to restore my phone.
    this piece of software is really dangerous.

  • JFA
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    It is not fair to brand an app as dangerous just because you could not make it work.
    I haven't tried it yet but do keep it in mind that most if not all of the applications distributed through the are BETA. So if you wish to try them, do so by installing in a controlled environment (fresh restore preferably before installing anything) and then slowly add your other modifications to see how they all interact.
    I on the other hand will wait until it is re-written and stable for 2.0's framework.

  • John Curry
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    I had the same problem as "roar" on my 1.1.4 pwned Iphone. Liked the app, but I would wait till its less "dangerous".

  • REW
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    Using it currently on my 1.1.4. Very promising application. Right now in beta stages it does cause a few issues upon installation. It reset my ring tone & deleted alarms... Also when I charge it now the phone stays dim all night, not good and I haven't been able to change this. I'll have to uninstall if I can't figure a way to fix this problem. Overall with the bugs fixed I'll definitely be using this application.

  • matt scott
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    The link for intelliborn came up on installer as unrecognized so i did a lil research and if you are having problems with the link provided here just add instead, it works :) you can also check out their website at

  • kyle
    kyle Posts: 67
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    Somebody please fix this app!! This app has the most potential that I've seen so far. The possibility of being able to view all these options at a single glance (and single touch of a button) is simply amazing. After reading the comments, I am scared to install it however.

    Webmaster --- can you please keep us updated as to when this application will be fixed??

    Thank you !


  • Carola
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    This app mess up my iPhone! Don´t installed!!!!
    Can somebody help me and tell me how do I fix this...?
    I can´t it, it doesn´t recognize my fingertips

  • dwalk
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    app sucks and caused spinning apple logo but found way to fix a/out restore. Can cyberduck/ssh into phone and replace springboard.plist with downloaded original file found on net which made home screen available again-then uninstalled and back to normal-worst problem I encountered with iPhone so far!