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    Speed Test Comparison: iPhone 4 Vs. iPhone 3GS Vs. iPhone 3G Vs. iPhone 2G

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageSpeed Test Comparison: iPhone 4 Vs. iPhone 3GS Vs. iPhone 3G Vs. iPhone 2G

    One of the things to look forward to when you upgrade to the next generation iPhone is improved performance due to faster processor, more RAM etc. Folks at Gadgets DNA have discovered a YouTube video by Mike Hellers who has compared all the four generations of iPhone to show the...

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    • bobninjanerdbobninjanerd Posts: 1
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      Bollocks! Differnet OS's make for different times - NO?

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
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      That's the reason I mentioned iPhone platform towards the end.

    • who careswho cares Posts: 83
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      need jb for i p 4 ?????????

    • TeeTee Posts: 21
      via Wordpress

      REALLY????? is this what iPhone hacks has resorted to reporting?????? I'm a fan of this site but c'mon man!!!!!!!!!!

    • mob211mob211 Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      i will beat yo ass

    • WolverinemarkyWolverinemarky Posts: 518
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      nice to see how fast it has picked up im sure the number would have been really distorted on the earlier phones if they were running ios4

    • hxcloshxclos Posts: 353
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      If you were a fan of this site you would know they cover other stuff as well. Do you really want to read "No iPhone 4 jailbreak yet" everyday?

    • TeeTee Posts: 21
      via Wordpress

      uh...NO YOU WONT!! You don't know me. I don't know you. So how do you plan on doing this? I would love to hear your plan of attack. "Internet Thugs" They are so cute. LMAO!!!!!!

    • NeilNeil Posts: 46
      via Wordpress

      Of course the 2G is going to be slower surfing the web as it is using Edge, not 3G. It can't because it doesn't support 3G.

    • A Black DudeA Black Dude Posts: 167
      via Wordpress

      they were on wifi....

    • PoetPoet Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      Lol, it is not much different with the iPhone 4 compared with the iPhone 3GS. I'm so glad I didn't overly pay for a new tool.

    • Yeah I'm starting to consider selling my 4 and going back to 3GS. By the way this site sucks! I had some pretty funny spoof ads of the new iPhone 4 I sent to the administrator of this site in hopes to give everyone A laugh, but they never posted em. iPhone hacks works for apple and are sucking there apple ****! **** theses loosers. I'm going to gizmod's site from now on.

    • MunafMunaf Posts: 9
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      I Dont think there is any difference between iphone 3gs and iphone4 speed i mean only 2seconds.difference is just facetime and hd clarity.i am happy with my 3gs

    • Get Over ItGet Over It Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Really? Is that the very worst threat you can come up with? Is that what keeps you up at night trembling in fear (much like your 3rd Grade teacher who attempted to provide you with the ability to spell) that someone might force a **** into your mouth? Or is the fear that you might just enjoy it? Let go of the anger... or at least learn to spell it.

      Sorry to hear your weekend of creating "spoof ads" for you and your imaginary friends seems to be for not... maybe your Mom will let you put it on her "Plushies" site. What? You never wondered why your favorite teddy bear smelled like three day old fish????

    • Chimichangas.Chimichangas. Posts: 2
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      Yeah agree with post above ^^ difference between ip4 & 3GS is so minimal I am glad I didn't fork over hundreds of extra pounds for a new camera & nice screen. The next iPhone should deal with all the issues of antennae & only 32gb of memory.

    • Ran$omRan$om Posts: 29
      via Wordpress

      i updated bacause my 3g contract was up, why would upgrade to a 3gs instead of a 4 thats just foolish....and yall know damn well yall didnt choose not to upgrade lol because if yall could have yall would

      via Wordpress

      If you haven't physically upgraded for $200 to an iPhone 4 because you are being cheap then don't compare it to your 3GS ....because it doesn't...Funny mine works perfectly and better than my 3GS in every aspect...."ya'll didn't choose NOT to upgrade ..because if ya'll could have yall would"...lmao..exactly..i hate cheap nerds....

    • mikemike Posts: 489
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      i finally got my 4g. considering that no phone compares overall to a jb phone.... w/ that said. the new phone really is better. in everyway

    • mkkkskkmkkkskk Posts: 1
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      I went with a 3GS recently, mainly because in my area, 3GS were going for free. Apple discontinued the 16/32gb however, and have rehashed their 3GS to 8gb. This was so they wont shoot themselves in their own foot and create a competitor for their newly released iPhone 4.Honestly, while Facetime, higher resolution, and a sleeker frame is lucrative (and sexy!), I couldn't justify the extra ~$400 or so cash (KT Telecom) when they both run OS4 and have virtually the same apps for both models. Plus, as seen in the video, the difference in performance is less than stellar.When you're on a ~3.5 inchish screen, 480x320 is plenty clear (for me atleast), and having twice the resolution is really just icing.
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