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    iPhone Rumors: More 3G iPhone Details

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    iPhone Rumors: More 3G iPhone Details

    The rumor mills seems to be working overtime with just two days to go for Apple's WWDC 2008 event when Steve Jobs is expected to reveal details of the next generation iPhone. Both Engadget and iPhone Atlas are reporting that they have got information from reliable sources which gives more...

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    • TomTom Posts: 314
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      I really hope that someone will find how to hack it really fast... otherwise it will just stay in its box.... :/

    • JayJay Posts: 295
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      Quote..."We were getting a data transfer of 140kbps on average. It dropped down to 70 kbps when we went inside".....
      I sure hope this is KBps (Bytes) and not Kbps (bits) ;-)

    • via Wordpress

      With all eyes in the mobile world on Apple this week I thought I thought the time was right to talk about what we believe is the best way to conduct a mobile web search on a device like the iPhone…a device with a rich, full screen, touchscreen only. Namely: Voice search. You say it, our speech recognition (running on a server) produces text, the text automatically dumps into the search engine that’s the subscriber’s choice (Google, AOL, MSN, etc.), the search engine returns results. Or via voice, search for any content from your local iTunes playlists.

      Using the Apple developer kit, we’ve been hard at work developing impressive technology that make the iPhones capabilities even more powerful. Voice search. Song search and selection. At the touch of a button and simply by saying the word. Over the next few days – as the excitement mounts for the WWDC – we’ll be sharing more and more details here on our blog. For now though, I think all of us should sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

      Of course, we believe the most powerful use of speech would be running on the iPhone itself (vs a remote server) and made available to the developer community via iPhone’s SDK APIs.

    • NatoNato Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      hi will you be able to turn off the assisted part of the gps so that it wont use up data?

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