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    Wipe App makes it easier to erase contents of your iPhone

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    Wipe App makes it easier to erase contents of your iPhone

    I had reported a couple of weeks back that iPhones sold as refurbished unit revealed previous owners personal data and had a follow up post on how Rich Mogull over at had come to the rescue and has published a method to wipe out almost all your personal data....

    Read the full story here


    • LouisLouis Posts: 180
      via Wordpress

      Interesting will try this next week when the new iphone comes out..

      Whats really weird is that I deleted a lot a SMS on the phone and if you have the Mega Phone app on your computer when you sync the phone and click on SMS you can see all the SMS that were supposed to have been deleted. Now it's called PhoneView - 2.0.2

      So even if you have a secret code to lock your phone all your gal friend has to do is sync the iphone to the computer mega phone will launch and she can read all your SMS you sent out to your other girlfriends without unlocking the phone.

      This erase tool will for sure be useful.....

      Sent from my lady friends iphone....

    • Allan JacksonAllan Jackson Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      I concur. we certainly don't want the girlfriend finding out i'm banging her hot younger sister.

      Very useful app!

    • kofsterkofster Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      This sounds great but where on the desktop on n the computer should the Wipe.bin file be when executing the 'filecopytophone Wipe.bin' in iPHUC? I am stuck there. I can't get it to copy to the iPhone as I keep getting 'illegal action.' If so, where on the iPhone should I copy the file via SSH before going to restore mode?

    • EricEric Posts: 238
      via Wordpress
      Do you guys know how to restore data after it is erased? Could you just link it to your computer? Will that restore the data?
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