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    iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 could be Released soon

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiPhone Firmware 2.0.1 could be Released soon

    Based on reader comments as well as news reports, it appears that some of the iPhone users who have upgraded to the latest firmware are observing sluggishness in UI, freezing, apps crashing etc while some who have just bought Apple's new iPhone 3G are complaining that their iPhone 3G's signal...

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    • IskondiIskondi Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      I never owned the original iPhone but I purchased an iPhone 3g and have experienced the crashes of apps added from the App Store.

      If you load up to many you'll get all third party apps crashing and turning the phone on and off seems to be the only way to resolve it.

      Although terminating apps by holding down the menu key seems to make the problem stay away for longer.

      I'm all for some bug fixes ;-)

    • AlexAlex Posts: 383
      via Wordpress

      i have noticed that the sms app gets really sluggish and i constantly have to restart it. Also iTunes has problems syncing apps with the iphone. I keep having to hit sync again & again & again. so im all for bug fixes.....FTW

    • LouisLouis Posts: 180
      via Wordpress

      this could be why the dev team is waiting to release the jailbreak. It would make sense to release it after the update...

    • JFAJFA Posts: 20
      via Wordpress

      Many of the multiple reported issues, have plagued 2.0 since its early Betas.
      Current 2.0 5A347 is way better when compared to earlier revisions but there is still ways to go to a smooth version.

      2.0.1 may address many pending issues but I am not holding my breath since many of these have been there for a long time.

      As for third party apps, it is the developers responsibility for their stability, not Apple.

      If you really want to compare what's causing 2.0 not to run properly, temporarily uninstall your third party apps and reset your device.

    • randyrandy Posts: 32
      via Wordpress

      Besided my iPhone constantly crashing now (ironic that my previously hacked iPhone was much more stable than factory issued firmware) - loading apps get progressively slower the more you have on your phone. It acts as if with each app load, every previous app already loaded goes through some sort of validation routine. After waiting for about 5 minutes with an OTA app showing 100%, but not finishing installing, I forced reboot and bricked my phone - I had to do a restore.

    • RlRl Posts: 19
      via Wordpress

      I have also noticed the sluggynish in UI and have had apps crash on me. I'm up for the update too but also I agree that we might end up having to wait for the jailbreak a little longer, which sucks

    • Starda VanyraStarda Vanyra Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      All apps and components on IPhone should be made to make use of the revolving oblong magnifyable display! Vision does NOT improve with age and it is very helpful to make the most of the display in the verticle display mode. PLEASE FIX!!!!

    • LouisLouis Posts: 180
      via Wordpress

      Was just on the phone and when I went to hang up there was no need to since my screen was black and frozen...Did they get my voicemail...

      May need to do a clean install again..Every clean install seems to come with a different bug experience....

      It's like the olden days when 1.1.1 firmware was jailbroken your phone would freeze and crash because of too many third party apps which works fine now but apple has fallen behind the jailbroken experience....

      I bought a really cool voice recording app in the app store but after speaking with it's developer Apple has restricted applications from emailing attachments. So what good is a voice recording if I can't send it to a friend...

      Waiting for i~fix 2.0.1/jailbreak. It was a bug day!

    • NathanielNathaniel Posts: 4
      via Wordpress

      my contacts list is very slow but i put it down to it sync'ing with to get the lastest contact details. perhaps i was wrong!

    • CharlieCharlie Posts: 41
      via Wordpress

      I agree with Nathanial. Bitching helps no one, and venting only creates flame fodder in comments. Being heard only matters if you have something useful to say. My iPhone 3G works great and although the battery life leaves something to be desired, I am happier with it and the AppStore/Push e-mail/etc than I've ever been with a cell phone. Stay calm guys, Apple has good support, they'll issue bug fixes and make the product work like it's supposed to.

    • CharlieCharlie Posts: 41
      via Wordpress

      Whoops, I meant thedude. Sorry, Nat :)

    • CJCJ Posts: 47
      via Wordpress

      Guys, anyone who actually thinks that the DEV TEAM is gonna fail this time, trying to unlock the 3G?
      There are rumours that this can't be done.
      What do you guys think or know ?

    • ShaneShane Posts: 59
      via Wordpress

      Did anyone else notice that the clever little interstate sign says 2.0.1? The correct name for it is 1.2.1. 2.0 software's actual name is 1.2.0

    • karlkarl Posts: 113
      via Wordpress

      needs some more themes without having to jailbreak an yone agree?

    • Alain GAlain G Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Just started to download the update 2.0.1 from iTunes (4:15 PST)

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