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    iPhone 4 Vs. iPod Touch 4G: Boot Up Speed, Camera & Display Compared

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
    via Wordpress in
    imageiPhone 4 Vs. iPod Touch 4G: Boot Up Speed, Camera & Display Compared

    Apple released the new iPod Touch 4G earlier this month that comes with several features that are also incorporated on the recently launched iPhone 4. This includes an A4 processor, retina display and a 720p HD video camera. A Czech Apple news website has now published a side-by-side comparison of...

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    • hax0rmorthax0rmort Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      Just glad i'm FINALLY getting an ip4 TODAY for 200US! Not surprised by the results because the ipod touch has a what .9mp camera?!?!? no wonder that shot looks horrible....and as far as bootup time, the iphone takes longer because it has to boot up more services(daemons) ie. Commcenter,.... Good post!

    • asgerasger Posts: 49
      via Wordpress

      Ipod Touch 4g is a trimmed down version of the Iphone 4, without the phone.

    • JoshJosh Posts: 265
      via Wordpress

      my 3gs boots up (and its jailbroken) in < 20 seconds.... i dont know why the phones in these videos are so slow

    • mkimidmkimid Posts: 227
      via Wordpress

      I feel, the video of touch is better than phone.
      the video of phone is around 1.0~1.5F over shoot.

    • BowserBowser Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I find the video on the iPod touch looms better. The iPhone seems to have more distortion when it is moved back and forth.

    • Harriett HorwichHarriett Horwich Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Lol one thing I like about this blogsite, considering it’s title, are the links to YouTube that aren’t playable on this mobile platform. ah well s’pose I’ll have to wait until i logon the PC… ps and if anyone mentions frash grrrr!!

    • DuaneDuane Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      The video comparison between the iPhone 4 and touch is obviously not justified. The iPhone 4 camera seems to be zoomed (DIGITALLY), where as the touch's camera was left alone. Ive never seen my iPhone 4 camera react so sketchy when moved like the one in the video.

    • @ymene13@ymene13 Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      honnetement pour la video c'est nettement mieux sur Itouch 4 le contraste et la luminosité sont meilleur que sur l'Iphone 4 pour l'ecran retina je n'ai pas vu la difference (IPS/non IPS) mais bon ^^' .

    • DylanDylan Posts: 16
      via Wordpress
      I have iPod touch4g and it is way better than iPhone mine starts up in like 15 seconds andit holds way more of a charge then iPhone, camera still sucks ass as all of them do on apple products but the screen thing where when you look at it from an angle Like they said that distorts to picture is actually supposed to keep people sitting beside you from glancing over seeing WTF your doing and it's pretty kool and why would you even be using your iPhone from a fucking angle anyway lol dumbasses
    • chschuldinerchschuldiner Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      I have both, and it urks me when people like you, above, say crap like, "why would you even be using your iPhone from a fucking angle anyway lol dumbasses". The only dumbass I see here is you. When you show a friend something and you're holding your device they don't see it head on like you do. Another reason this is good is because when you're feeling lazy and you lay down on your bed and decide to play a game like fruit ninja or angry birds while the phone lays flat on the bed, you don't lose color quality. I can't tell you the countless times that the IPS display has been a positive effect on me. So please take your ignorance elsewhere, you will never see the beauty of an IPS display until someone as underearned as you sticks a crowbar in your pocket and buys something other than the cheapest hardware on the market.Since I have both iDevices, I can state that both being jailbroken, the iPod touch starts up and shuts off slower than the iPhone because it starts up several more services than the iPod. The iPod touch also has a more fingerprint attracting screen, as the iPhone has an oleophobic coating that makes it 80% more impervious to fingerprints. Along with the stronger camera comes more power to the user. Autofocus and 5MP works nicely together. Using a 1MP camera as is invested in the iPod touch 4G has less depth and therefore it captures less shakiness. This is obvious. It's a less powerful movement with less frame blending. This makes it more shaky and jagged. Think with your minds people.
    • DanaDana Posts: 8
      via Wordpress
      chs, thanks for the info. My old ipod touch earphone jack is dead so its either repair or replace, so I'm looking at either a new i-pod touch or an i-phone (but i'm not activating the phone). Are those the 2 key differences (better screen surface and camera on the iphone)? Which would you choose? (I use it for music, games and all the internet connectivity that wifi allows).Thanks
    • asif memonasif memon Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      After this awesome review i will go for iPhone 4. Thanks all of you..
    • ChrisChris Posts: 736
      via Wordpress
      Well they could say have the 64 gb models and have 50 gb used up were as u may have an 8 gb with 3 gb used so theirs have to load more files.
    • DipakDipak Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Hey guys I was planning to buy a blackberry bold 9900 aka bold 4 and iPod touch 4g to satisfy my apple product craving ! What ibam confuse with is should I be goin with this option or should I just buy an iPhone 4 ????
    • SeuachiSeuachi Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      You should just get an iPhone 4. You save money and get great features for the price.
    • RonRon Posts: 69
      via Wordpress
      The iPod 4g is slimmer. Every thing is same as ip4...only difference is mor comfortable than ip4. Ilona this coz I hav em both...
    • AshmeenAshmeen Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Ipod touch is awsumm it starts fastr thn iphne nd i dnt think ips matters in it.....
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