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    News Roundup: Apple Acquires Imsense For HDR Feature, iPad To Launch In New Markets And iOS 4.2 Beta

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageNews Roundup: Apple Acquires Imsense For HDR Feature, iPad To Launch In New Markets And iOS 4.2 Beta Release Imminent

    One of the interesting new features to be introduced on the iPhone with iOS 4.1 is the ability to capture High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos. The HDR functionality on iOS 4.1 captures three photos in quick succession that are normal, under-exposed and over-exposed. These pictures are combined using a sophisticated...

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    • freddieboy217freddieboy217 Posts: 24
      via Wordpress

      Can't wait for the IOS4 for ipad miss all the features like folders when I switch between iphone 4 and ipad

    • XavierXavier Posts: 27
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      I would love to see imovie on ipad. It will surely be easier to manipulate. But please no cam on ipad, rather a usb cam option via the dongle would do better.

      That is only my view :)

    • Boss ruttenBoss rutten Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      They need to update the iPad hardware!!!!
      Damn that thing would be killer with FaceTime and more ram!!!

    • fabiofabio Posts: 3
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      Well , think that new Ipad will have:
      1) more ram (minimum 512KB) as iphone 4 in order to run multitasking well (a bigger screen needs more power to run well)
      2) a cam or 2 cams in order to use faces and hdr photos
      3) as it seems we will have differnt sizes of Ipad ( 7 inch also)
      4)IOS 4.2 may come out in november, but I think that new Ipad will be out in first quarter of 2011 so before april 2011.
      5) it will have a retina display .
      that is what I can figure out by reading rumors on the net .
      many users says that a cam on the Ipad won't be good. but I don't think so couse the new ipad will be a little differnet from the old one so that a cam will work fine . Just take a look to new tablets from others (hp , samsung ecc) they almost all have a cam. so why it won't work on an Ipad. Apple as always put out products that are user friendly and great do you think they will came out with an unfriendly IPAD where using a cam will give trouble to users? I don't think so.

    • via Wordpress
      The best thing about Apple is that it keeps on trying to improve their product. And its great. Great work by Apple.
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