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    RIM Unveils BlackBerry Playbook Tablet - Will It Be An iPad Killer?

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageRIM Unveils BlackBerry Playbook Tablet - Will It Be An iPad Killer?

    Research in Motion co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis has just unveiled the BlackBerry Playbook tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad. Lazaridis described the Playbook as “the first professional tablet”. It is expected to be launched in the US in early 2011 and in international markets in the second quarter. Take a look...

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    • JDBJDB Posts: 284
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      Sounds pretty cool! Probably won't be an iPad killer, but I imagine it might make Apple step up their game instead of spoon feeding us technology.

    • meme Posts: 220
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      Perhaps RIM will take a note from their phones and make it so that businesses will be able to use it... but as an iPad Killer, I doubt it. Most people use the iPad as an iPod Touch XL anyhow

    • hxcloshxclos Posts: 353
      via Wordpress

      Honestly, this is what I imagined the iPad would look like when it was still rumored. As it stands it is better than the current iPad. If you compare it to the next gen iPad then you have a competition. To be fair, Blackberry waited for the ipads feedback to make this. I prefer my iPhone over a blackberry phone but when it comes to productivity, I think the Playbook seems ideal.

    • ShrivatsaShrivatsa Posts: 97
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      This looks fantastic...not a BB fan but then again, this isnt really a BB...anyway, if the specs are as insane as much will it cost?? I dont see this being very cheap, plus the contract free nature of the iPad is also a major selling point. If the Galaxy Tab is almost $1000, i duno about this..

    • JDBJDB Posts: 284
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      I wonder, how could it have full 1080P playback (1920 or 1440 x 1080) when the screens resolution is only 1024 x 600?

    • iLikeRSXiLikeRSX Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      This looks absolutely sweet, but I'm going to wait to see the application support before deciding which is better. I'm craving for a product that's better than the iPad/iPhone (including Apps, etc) since I already have an iPhone 4 and my family basically uses iPhones.

    • Al_XAl_X Posts: 22
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      If it is under $500 it will have a huge advantage over the first generation but as you all know, apple should be announcing the second generation iPad in January. I think the pricing wasn't disclosed because it's going to end up being around the $700 mark.

    • MacMac Posts: 132
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      Well it could, but only the 1st ipad. The 2nd gen will be better. Well thts my guess atleast

    • Christian MercadoChristian Mercado Posts: 33
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      R.I.P iPad i think this is defiantly an iPad killer it has way more features and everybody says it iPad is just and xl iPod this much more than that

    • TT Posts: 71
      via Wordpress

      I'm surprised this website was impressed with the tablet. They usually downplay certain features of the competition. And I wonder why they didn't cover the Galaxy Tab. That's probably the iPads only real competition in the near future. As RIM claims their Tablet is geared toward professionals so can't really compare them. But some of the features they include seem to be geared to the multimedia users. And I find this iPhone and iPad killer talk to be rather annoying. None of these companies claim this about their product so where did this term come from? Is this just for attention grabbing purposes meant to get readers arguing? Not necessarily just talking about this site but I have come across many different sites who do this. Not even the iPhone has "killed" any of the competition. All, if not most, of the competition is still alive. Some more than others.

    • RoverRover Posts: 24
      via Wordpress

      This is a very impressive device. I have to say I am a bit skeptical about the OS system though. Blackberry OS from my experience is not touch friendly although they have made improvements from the original Storm. And when Lazaridis describes the Playbook as “the first professional tablet” does he mean that it's for professionals or that it's a professionally made tablet? If he meant the Tablet is made for the "professionals" then I find quite contradicting to name it Playbook. I still prefer the Tab though. I think Android is the better OS especially for touch devices.

    • WolverinemarkyWolverinemarky Posts: 518
      via Wordpress

      it wont be an iPad killer, look at its specs and it doesnt realease till next year well heck by that time apples 2nd gen iPad will be out and will crush the specs on this by a lot. it might sell well between its release and the 2nd gen iPad release but i doubt it

    • aaaa Posts: 11
      via Wordpress

      I doubt the iPad 2G would "crush" the specs. If anything they will match the specs

    • dr_pepperdr_pepper Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      This will not be an ipad killer and I'm a RIM fan. Why - apps. I have a Bold, a Desire (Android), and an Iphone. I keep coming back to my iphone simply because there are apps I can't get on the other two. Lets face it - hardware wise there are already phones that kill the iphone, but it's all in the "useable apps"

    • BeerDoneBeerDone Posts: 15
      via Wordpress

      It's also about usability. My brother has an iPhone, and he tried an HTC (we only have those around to compete), and he said that "The HTC is complicated as hell, iPhone's way simpler and easier to understand". And that's counting that I even had some JB apps installed, which are all quite a pain to use. Oh and yeah, iPhone's autocorrection all the way ^^

    • Paris paraskevaParis paraskeva Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      Lol you all should have figured by now that apples products donot measure in terms of specs!

      Had a phone with higher specs than the first iphone years earlier but the experience and overall performance was very poor!

      What about this thing battery? Will it even last half the hours of the ipad?

      What about applications?

      Will it have what it takes once it launches?

      How long will it take for popular apps to get there? 5 months? 1 year ?

      What will be the price point? Will it be lower that 500USD? Dont think so

      Ipad is already in the market with a proven platform and thousands of innovative apps since they were easy to port over from iphone to ipad

      bb surely wont be an ipad killer!

      Galaxy tab surely wont either!

      In the long run only competitor i see is the android platform if they manage to standardize resolutions and wont annoy developers, if 5 tablets are out with 5 diferent aspect ratios and screen resolutions then it will be harder for developers to get their apps there and innovate

      My 2 cents

    • TonyTony Posts: 145
      via Wordpress

      I like it. Kinda neet. I'm curious to see how many GOOD apps they will have compaired to Android. I have an Ipad now so I'm curious to see if this will be an Ipad killer or just an Ipad slapper. Toshiba laptop sale

    • via Wordpress

      i like it too, but i really think next generation ipad will be lot much more better and cooler than this play book. it is obvious that they copied from ipad and made it better

    • LavenderLavender Posts: 130
      via Wordpress

      I don't work for anyone or anything and I haven't made a detailed analysis, but I repudiate a heap of your claims.
      1. I don't feel iphonehacks downplays features of the competition - they don't cover the competition in much detail or very comprehensively, but I don't find them to be actively downplaying the competition.
      2. You are free to feel surprised. You are free to be annoyed. And iphonehacks is free to compare this tablet and any other tablet to the ipad. In fact any other object if they wish.
      3. That's it, I only actually have 2 points, but that makes the list look so short it wouldn't have been worth numbering.
      So there.

    • PacomacPacomac Posts: 145
      via Wordpress

      Competition is a good thing, which pushes Apple to bigger and better things than they would under their own steam. I think the iPad is great, but I want to see leaps in the technology, not baby steps!

    • RevrevmaxRevrevmax Posts: 11
      via Wordpress

      Hope the new iPad beats this. Else i'm getting this playbook.

    • ZedSefiZedSefi Posts: 130
      via Wordpress

      I wonder, if iPad 2G comes out with memory capacity of 512/1Gb, would it be possible for me to take my first generation iPad to Apple store and ask them to upgrade the memory for me if it uses the same physical size? This is pretty much all what I need to do, no need for other fancy stuff of recording cameras or Retina display, etc... and already got 64gb model which I think they won't top it on their next generation device anyway.

    • via Wordpress

      Might consider buying. can't wait to read more about it

    • antonanton Posts: 12
      via Wordpress

      It`s pretty cool, but I want an Ipad ))) cause it`s Apple.

    • DanDan Posts: 348
      via Wordpress

      You and Dr Pepper are absolutely right.

      It's not about hardware anymore. Sure it's important but not the most important thing, which is the OS on the device.

      I have an Ipad and I love it. Honestly I also think I use it "more" then most people who has one. I have organized about 5400 pictures with faces, places, events etc from a 50 year period, all family pictures. I have about 230 pdf's on it which I read as a magazine, all with beautiful covers when I open iBooks. About 20Gb of music fully orgazined with album cover for all the music, All the home movies ever recorded through the last 20 years - again with beautiful covers inside of video. And on top of that comes all the program and games (I don't play games myself).

      Anyway, it doesn't matter if the next iPad killer has a 2.5Ghz processor if the OS and apps for it isn't as good as the competition OS/apps.

      But I think it's good with a lot of competition in this area because I do think that this is the year which will make tablets mainstream.

    • JJ Posts: 131
      via Wordpress

      Put the toys away this is a true tool

    • Alex GreeneAlex Greene Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      I don't agree with this article at all. If you want my opinion, I wrote an article at but basically o think Apple products will never be killed. Call me an Apple fanboy, but that's what I think....

    • theBankRobbertheBankRobber Posts: 31
      via Wordpress

      Your right, apple products wont be killed off, but with alot more devices with more open os and more features that the iProducts do not have pose a very big threat. Look at Google, say what you want but I have read over hundreds of threads about leaving the iPhone for andriod because of its features. 200,000 apps are only a number, but how many are good apps? Just features of a product that iproducts don't have that people really want drive alot of people away from apple products. Now with that said, iproducts wont be killed, but competition will surely drop there numbers of owners. Apple has had the iPhone for 3years and when it 1st launched, it had features no other phone had. Now with other phones having features from android and rim that the iPhone doesn't have, it turns the table on apple as many people look into a phone for its features, and no longer the Brand.

    • yoyo Posts: 19
      via Wordpress

      im an apple fan but i think blackberry just kill the ipad but we have to wait for the secon gen ipad

    • NoahNoah Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      iPad killer? What a joke. Some folks made the same comparison abou the 1st blackberry storm and the iPhone. I have owned both. I went from a storm 1 to an iPhone and the iPhone is millions of times better than the storm. I think their is going to be a lot of hype about the bb tablet then when some one actually buys one and reposed that the hardware might be great but poorly implemented. And overall a big piece of sh*t lime the original bb storm.

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