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    RIM Unveils BlackBerry Playbook Tablet - Will It Be An iPad Killer?



    • Open MindOpen Mind Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      You can't really compare the the Storm and the iPhone. They are two different phones for two different people. The iPhone is a multimedia device while BB are mainly enterprise devices. I have used the first 2 storm models and they are not horrible. It's whats expected from a BB OS. It is not touch friendly although they have made improvements. This tablet seems to be very well done. Again don't expect it to be such a multimedia device like the iPad. Unfortunately many people are looking to these smartphones and tablets for their apps which I am assuming is for mostly games. The App Store has had a pretty big head start on the competition so you can't expect them to be on par at this moment. In my opinion I think this tablet will be a success. And don't expect it to be as successful as the iPad. At least not initially. Not to downplay the iPad but Apple products are surrounded with a lot of media hype. Plus they had an already established OS so people knew what to expect from the device. People need to have an open mind and not put down products they haven't tried and especially ones that have yet to be released

    • codycody Posts: 101
      via Wordpress

      Im getting an iPad in a few weeks and to be honest, I would consider getting this instead IF it didn't have the seven inch screen. Everyone claims the iPad as a big iPod Touch well yep your nearly right, with a few other exclusive features. But thats how I like my content - on a large screen. Why buy a big TV? Why don't people say "Don't but that 50" tv because its just a big 32" and there cheaper" I undertand that 7" is large, but not a large enoguh display when I compare it to the iPad.

    • AlexAlex Posts: 383
      via Wordpress
      Rim will have to have a battery life on the playbook that will last for about 8 to 10 hours for it to kill the ipad!!
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