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    iPhone Firmware 2.1 Hints Copy & Paste, Turn-by-Turn GPS Feature

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    iPhone Firmware 2.1 Hints Copy & Paste, Turn-by-Turn GPS Feature

    We had seen this coming, Apple has seeded developers of iPhone's Developer program with a beta version of iPhone firmware 2.1 (Beta 1, Build 5F90). The beta version of the iPhone firmware which will be available to iPhone users only at a later date has revealed some interesting features. According...

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    • JFAJFA Posts: 20
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      I just upgraded my 3G but not my 2G to the new 2.1 beta 1 release.

      There seems to be a minor incompatability issue with apps created for 2.0 when running on 2.1.

      Out of 36 apps I have installed, the only ones that crashed on me were PCalc, MonkeyBall and AIM. I reinstalled them and only MBall is still having issues.

      The upgrade went smooth and kept all the settings and playlists without having to restore them from the backup.

      Even though my device was registered at the dev portal, I had no need to reactivate. hmmmmm........

      So far I have not found any new obvious features; its only Beta 1...

      The baseband jumped from 01.45.00 to 02.04.03. Huge jump. I guess the GPS update and possibly the Push API are the reason behind it.

      Since the upgrade I had minor unexpected issues but nothing to worry:
      -WiFi at times disconnected for some reason (new to this version).
      -After the initial upgrade the SIM reported as invalid. Had to put another AT&T SIM first and it finally worked after putting the original back.
      -Roaming takes longer to acquire a carrier and constantly switches carriers unexpectedly (new to this version). While I wrote this, it switched 15 times between the two local GSM providers. Both with the same signal strength. Unfortunately neither allows me to roam on their 3G network (AT&T issue I guess) to see if 3G-2G handoff is any different. Turning off 3G made no difference, only manual carrier selection solved this.

      Haven't tried Bluetooth handsfree yet.

      All in all, with regards to the regular applications (Mail, Safari, SMS, etc) maybe its my idea but everything else is running much smoother.

      Possibly there will never be a 2.0.1, so if users are looking for quick stability improvement, this 2.1 may be the path for legit AT&T users; only if someone does leak this release ;)

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      Hey JFA,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with firmware 2.1 beta 1.

      The baseband jump from 01.45.00 to 02.04.03 is indeed interesting.


    • MAUROMAURO Posts: 5
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      I what to know if in the 2.1 there is a software gps turn by turn

    • pouyapouya Posts: 1
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