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    VLC Media Player Now Available For iPhone And iPod Touch

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageVLC Media Player Now Available For iPhone And iPod Touch

    Applidium has just released the universal version of their popular app VLC Media Player, which means that it is now compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. VLC is a popular open source media player for the Mac and other platforms that allows you to watch video files in any...

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    • SGSG Posts: 5
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      It sucks, CineX Player is way better for now and compatible with almost all video formats, sure it costs a little (i bought it when it was $0.99) but its definately worth it, VLC Player being free is also going to take quiet a few version updates to iron out all the flaws its having with most of the video formats due to device accelerator problems and what not. IT's Free so go knock your selfout but if you want to use it to the max then wait a month or so/until its all fixed

    • badboybadboy Posts: 23
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      i really like how i can just drag drop videos without need of converting. It plays most of the files but some videos says "No Volume available"

    • badboybadboy Posts: 23
      via Wordpress

      thanks i will check CineX Player.

    • SkunkSkunk Posts: 1
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      Two word's, Air video.

      Even over 3G it beats this on format playback and quality.


    • TelugoduTelugodu Posts: 2
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      U might have mutted.... Unmute and see u will get the sound

    • BULLSH*T, I hate how the iphone 3g is starting to get really phased out, almost every new app doesnt support it

    • RistoRisto Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      I second that.
      Does not mean that i dont have money to upgrade but im still waiting to be sure that i dont buy the iphone 4 and a few monts later i hear that apple has shipped out iphone 4(s) and im back at where im now. thinking that all the apps are for the 4(s) and the only real difference is that the name is changed and a minor change is made but the limitations are great. Im currently on iphone 3g and having wallpapers and multitasking on and its running with quite good(speed). I dont see the point on Steve to restrict multitasking and wallpapers on 3g. its just wrong. I think its a marketing thing with our wallets expence. Im still sticking on apple products but i must say that everyone has its limits and if apple pushes some more it will cross my limit.

    • Ross FinlaysonRoss Finlayson Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      Unfortunately, distributing this (or any other) GPL'd application through Apple's App Store violates the GPL. A complaint has already been filed; see

      Let's hope, however, that this app ends up becoming available on Cydia instead.

    • ZangZang Posts: 153
      via Wordpress

      How about you stop being an idiot and filing complaints?

      GPL also means you can't charge the user for the product, which the guy isn't, also IIRC he pays to put it up as well.

      Seriously, the world is filled too much of people who want to file complaints over tiny things. Oh wait. Your from America I guys, lets go sue this guy! Oh wait look there! He is stepping on my car tire! Lets sue him too!

      Boo hoo.

      The basis of open source was and will always be unless its not TRUE open source, is free to the people and free knowledge for all(As in code etc, etc)

      Unless someone is saying apple is complaining, then there is no reason for an open source project to complain.

    • Ross FinlaysonRoss Finlayson Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      I wasn't the person who filed the complaint; I was just reporting that a complaint had been filed (by one of the copyright holders of VLC's code).

      Also, your understanding of the GPL seems limited. (For example, it *does* allow charging for products.)

    • MarioMario Posts: 101
      via Wordpress

      Get real and upgrade even if you get an iPhone 4 everything is gonna be supported.

    • mozmoz Posts: 63
      via Wordpress

      Funny... I have downloaded a 2Gig AVI and CinexPlayer is actually the only player not able to read it...
      Based on my experience:

      OPlayer appears to be the most optimized player followed by Buzz Player, VLC and then CinexPlayer.

      GUI wise VLC & CinexPlayer are the best looking players followed by OPlayer and then BuzzPlayer (which is down right ugly).

    • lvidallvidal Posts: 12
      via Wordpress

      I tried multitasking on 3G and it is AWFUL, it does have a really poor performance. I couldn't use it more than 3 days, I had to jailbreak it again and choose not to activate multitasking. On the other hand, the Wallpaper feature works perfect, that's a thing they should have been activated for 3G's.

      I don't like the trend these phones are getting. The 3G it's an excellent device, but the App Store doesn't keep different app versions for different models. Even the 1G it's a better phone that most phones out there, but it was ousted from iOS 4.0.

      A friend of mine bought an iPod Touch 1G, but this one can't get the iOS 4 and can't get a lot of cool apps because of nothing. The Touch can handle those apps perfectly, so, this is wrong, somethng must change at the App Store, things can't be that way.

    • XOXOXOXO Posts: 12
      via Wordpress

      Just checked it out, Its sometimes laggy, other than that, its great! Easy to use. Beautiful and clean Interface. **** (4 Stars)

    • KingKing Posts: 27
      via Wordpress

      can VLC play subtitles?

    • SongohansSongohans Posts: 17
      via Wordpress

      Not a big deal, STFU and buy our new iPhone 4 NOW!!!


      Sent from my iPhone

    • JBDJBD Posts: 19
      via Wordpress

      All this crazy talk.... just get Orb-live and play any video, MP3, even CAM from your PC from Wi-Fi or G3 even EDG right to ANY IPhone/Pad/Touch without converting or taking up space on your unit... Anything else is JUNK!

    • ewj1ewj1 Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      I use VLC, Cine, Zumocast, and Air video. VLC plays just about everything very well. There is only one codec I could fine where CineX played better than VLC otherwise VLC is better.BTW, get it quick VLC will not be in the Apple store long, it has the same isdues as OpenOffice.

      OpenOffice would be. killer program on a iPad. to bad Apple rules hinder it coming.

    • MikeKMikeK Posts: 2
      via Wordpress
      VLC has been pulled from the iTunes app store. Is there anyway a person can still acquire it and get it onto their iPhone? I have a 3G.Thanks,Mike
    • ClintJCLClintJCL Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      What most posts don't tell you is VLC Player requires firmware 3.2+, and those of us with iPhone 2G who want to remain jailbroken can only go to 3.1.3, and thus, we can't use VLC player.
    • RAJANRAJAN Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      ye indian k liye nhi hai sab bakvas
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