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    The PlayStation Phone: Photos And Hardware Specs Leaked

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageThe PlayStation Phone: Photos And Hardware Specs Leaked

    We have seen a number of smartphones launch in the past three years since the original iPhone hit the American market. While not all these phones were positioned as potential iPhone killers, there is no doubt that a good majority of these new phones still adopted the core mantras that...

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    • WolverinemarkyWolverinemarky Posts: 518
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      will this make apple want to buy Sony that much more i dunno, but looks cool and if priced right i might snag one just for gaming not to use as a phone i got my iPhone4 for that

    • Brian PhelpsBrian Phelps Posts: 2
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      First off, its not going to be hurting apple. As you saw in previous posts, the PSP line is hurting and with no video chat cameras that i can see, its just going to hurt them even more. If it was able to video chat with a front facing camera, it might be more attractive.

    • TT Posts: 71
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      Very interesting. Although I like it I don't think it would be too successful. To have a PSP phone that runs quality games it will take it`s toll on the battery. In the end this is a phone so it might not be practical. I can only see hardcore and some casual gamers lining up for this. If they can keep the form factor as thin as possible then it might appeal to the broader market. None the less I like the idea and hope manufacturers keep innovating

    • aaaa Posts: 11
      via Wordpress

      This will affect Apple although may be not that much. The main attraction on the AppStore is games and if this phone can deliver better games then it will take away from the iPhone. As for video chat, not sure how that would be such a deal breaker.

    • MKMK Posts: 64
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    • ShrivatsaShrivatsa Posts: 97
      via Wordpress

      Apple has nothing that looks like this.

    • TomMTomM Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      lol psp phone :D no no no

    • badboybadboy Posts: 23
      via Wordpress

      wtf!!!!!!! SONY CONFIRMED that this is FAKE!!! jeez do some research before posting news -_-.


    • Audioslave54Audioslave54 Posts: 10
      via Wordpress

      It's a psp-go phone! :p, well the psp-go failed and they just droped the price to 200. I don't think it will take alot from apple I know I never use my psp go its just an expensive paperweight.

    • WOWWOW Posts: 14
      via Wordpress

      If it's true then expect nintendo and xbox style phones apple should be worried as these phones will definitely appeal to younger people they would probably have to step up their game or create something different I wouldn't buy one but I'd buy them for my kids

    • ZZ Posts: 333
      via Wordpress

      they have a phone that runs third party apps. nobody else has that. sony must be copying apple. my logic is perfect.

    • Krew_92Krew_92 Posts: 30
      via Wordpress

      Never, why the hell would Apple want to buy Sony, Sony makes quality, Apple makes quantity there is a difference. And yes I am dissing Apple. LOL

    • ZangZang Posts: 153
      via Wordpress

      Monster Hunter on a Phone?

      I would screw apple then just for a chance at that greatness >:)

      Monster Hunter is my gaming love and the iPhone can't do it, so if this can, I'm sold.

      That is the only game I would care about on the phone if it came out :D

    • ZangZang Posts: 153
      via Wordpress

      Oh yea, to add.

      I've been playing it since MH1 for PS...

      So yea, it truly is the one game I've completely been attracted to in all these years ;)

      I would suggest any here who haven't played should at least give it a try.

      But the old ones online dont work anymore :( will have to get MHTri or the PSP versions :/

    • d brownd brown Posts: 13
      via Wordpress

      pity this is just a mock up. due to some inperfections. some say its based on the psp1 but it looks more like a psp go. would it not have been easier to make the go a phone

    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      Any phone sony churns out is crap so this wont be different.

    • JedJed Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      512 mb ram
      thats just twice the iphone 4
      and probably the same as the iphone 5
      yet, this will probably cost $400-500

    • JoeJoe Posts: 450
      via Wordpress

      Dude, what are you smoking? apple buying sony, more like the other way around. Ok, somebody drop some numbers on each company's worth. Maybe Steve can afford to buy sony's mobile division. Your earth must be the center of the universe and worship steve every sunday.

    • FACTSFACTS Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      Apple is currently worth 276 Billion , Sony is worth around 50 Billion.....

    • via Wordpress
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