PhotoAlbums+: Jailbreak App Allows You To Manage Photo Albums On iPhone, iPod Touch Without iTunes

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imagePhotoAlbums+: Jailbreak App Allows You To Manage Photo Albums On iPhone, iPod Touch Without iTunes

Developers of jailbreak apps like iRealSMS and PwnTunes have released a new app called PhotoAlbums+.

The jailbreak app allows you to manage photo albums right on your iPhone or iPod touch, without the need of using the computer or iTunes.

If you take a lot of photos using their iPhone’s or iPod Touch’s camera then you will find this app very useful.

Here are some of the features of PhotoAlbum+:

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  • Wolverinemarky
    Wolverinemarky Posts: 518
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    finally i have been waiting for this tweak since i first got my 3G, I saw it on cydia yesterday didnt know how good it worked bought it anyway and now im a happy camper. Great program and i dont need to use itunes or my computer anymore to create and sync albums.
  • unknown4areason
    unknown4areason Posts: 9
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  • Jcm800
    Jcm800 Posts: 175
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    Love this, even at this price all you tight arses (you know who you are) it's well worth it!iDiscrete is also worth a look too!
  • bandrax
    bandrax Posts: 29
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    What happens when you sync with itunes? Does it stay in the same folders?
  • Wolverinemarky
    Wolverinemarky Posts: 518
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    yep they stay in the folders you create after you sync with itunes
  • Taylor
    Taylor Posts: 20
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    I have thought of these idea before and always wondered why apple hasn't done this. When I saw someone had done this I was so happy and I thought $2.99 wasn't much at all for that. I went to buy this and everytime after I click to sign in with my google account it says there was an error loading or something like that. Anyone else having this problem/know how to fix it? I really want this app.
  • Sanz
    Sanz Posts: 5
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    Uffff i've been looking for something like this!!great jobb I love it!
  • Salvo
    Salvo Posts: 1
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    nice, but i cannot move or copy photos from photo library, only from camera roll??And how to organize my new album in alphabetical order??pls help
  • fas
    fas Posts: 2,297
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    Little expensive I think but a good app. You can download Nikon Transfer for free which is similar
  • Zed Sefi
    Zed Sefi Posts: 143
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    This tweak is great, I am so happy with it, but now PwnTunes became broken on iOS 4.2.1 :( I wonder how long it will take to be fixed.
  • Fattrain
    Fattrain Posts: 13
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    I bought it... Works like a champ!!! and the password protection is great on the folders on the phone!!!(However when you USB it into windows you can still see all pics in folders regardless of password... which i don't mind personally but could be a deal killer for some)
  • Jcm800
    Jcm800 Posts: 175
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    Ok, off topic, but iPhone Hacks you should do a shout out about this..All you ppl wishing to change font, but are hanging out for Font Swap - forget it.Check out Bytafont on Cydia; it's awesome and better than Font Swap ever was!
  • Jason
    Jason Posts: 585
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    hi..there is no photoalbum+ in the cydia store and under bigboss source..where can i actually get this app?
  • David
    David Posts: 225
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  • Denied
    Denied Posts: 1
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    David,If you have iFile you can try using that to transfer images, I haven't tried it myself but I speculate it would work. Even though most images are in that stupid .THM extension (something similar to that). Tell me if it works, I am extremely curious as I wish to purchase this app. A fully cracked version of iFile (Incase you do not have it) can be found at the Sinful Phone Repo. (I apologize, I do not remember the repo web address.)
  • giorgi
    giorgi Posts: 4
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    ok quick question, i have 2 iphones with 2 different phone number, 3gs and 4th so i have to buy twice or one will be enough?? since it is a cracked app i think i have to buy for both. let me know if I'm wrong. thanks
  • Daffy
    Daffy Posts: 1
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    Unfortunately, it does not work on my iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1. After installation, there are no changes to my camera roll section. It is as though I had not installed anything. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting the phone, respringing etc...I read that they were having Problems with 4.1. Anyone else have issues?
  • Danny
    Danny Posts: 91
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    I phurchased it yesterday and I have a quick question:How to backup / restore these photos? I found it is just working under camera roll and been splited into different folders. I don't think it can be saved into iTunes Library through a normal backup.Thanks
  • Luis E.
    Luis E. Posts: 1
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    Dont Work on IOS 4.2.1, you can create new folders but not move photos.
  • wickie
    wickie Posts: 1
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    So I’ve been enjoying Photoalbums+.but igot a big prob.Everytime i save a picture from email or i reboot my Iphoneand then go to my photo albums and it immediately goes to a screen that says “please wait, updating library,” which processes EVERY photo back into the camera roll (over 800) and I lose all of my albums and passwords…this is incredibly frustrating and I can’t seem to find anything on Google about it , It happens to be EVERY time! anyone else with this prob?
  • VoIP
    VoIP Posts: 24
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    I actually thought about getting this app today and went to download and got one hell of a surprise .. this app is now $12.99!!! If fas thought $2.99 was high, he'd probably have a heart attack now. Is this a mistake/typo on Cydia or has the developer just lost his freaking mind?? Because that is just one huge increase..I for one will no longer be purchasing this app for that priceiPhonehacks: you may want to update the price of this app so people are fully aware of the dramatic price change .. feel free to verify on Cydia .. and the iPad version also has the same $12.99 price tag .. wow .. that app developer must really think he's somebody
  • Logan
    Logan Posts: 10
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    @VoIP the price is now $5.99... But personally I think that's s little high for a simple app like it
  • digga
    digga Posts: 1
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    WikI.. i get the same problem... any fix??
  • Rami
    Rami Posts: 9
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    Jason,You should add 's' to the album..Try searching - photoalbums+
  • coder
    coder Posts: 2
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    Those fags have risen the price to $4.99Never gonna buy it.Also, iOS 5 has this feature already integrated in it, but I don't like the iOS 5 (my reasons)
  • ming
    ming Posts: 3
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    Me 2. The price is too high for me. I will definitely buy it if the price is 2.99 or lower.
  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Posts: 2
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    I came across your comment! Thank you so much!!! It really works!
  • itallnews
    itallnews Posts: 0
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    i want download photo albums+ free