Next Generation iPad To Get iPod Touch-like Form Factor

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imageNext Generation iPad To Get iPod Touch-like Form Factor

Japanese Mac blog, Macotakara had come up with some interesting details regarding the next generation iPad last week. The website had claimed that according to their anonymous Chinese sources, iPad 2 could be equipped with a wide-range speaker that shall be positioned at the rear bottom of the device.

You might recall that folks at Electronista had backed these claims with pictures of a few iPad 2 cases that suggested similar features.

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    geohots is going to release J B SOON rubyra1n
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    Ahahhaha its not new news!!He put this out when he registered Limerain!! Dont count on it!
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    who cares about ipad front and back cameras. so it is like a big ipod touch...nothing new and that's just telling us Apple is out of ideas or designs.
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    The chick who sings that song sounds sexy... what was that... French?
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    Your showing ignorance by calling a iPad a bigger iPod Touch Mr. SonnyBoy
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    i'm more excited to see the first of the android tablets. i went through 3 distinct stages with my ipad. 1) didn't use it because i didn't have any apps loaded on it. 2) managed to replace my laptop for a short time because (at the time) i was not really doing a lot of portable work. 3) don't use it for anything other than games and movies on cross-ocean flights, since i can't run any actual productivity apps (or, god help me, flash based apps - don't ask)Basically, it's back to where it originally was: doesn't replace my phone (iphone or droid), doesn't replace my laptop. way too heavy and low of a resolution to be a comfortable ebook reader. oh well.and i'm really liking my new nexus-s. latest droid is very nice.
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    I found the result via "Shazam":Title: C'è Un TicArtiste: Zerosospiro
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    The video (YouTube) URL:
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    Destiny is limited by ones own vision. Clearly your vision is clouded therefore I dread the limits to which you have placed on yourself and your own destiny.Lack of productivity apps? Games and movies aside, the iPad has freed me from many a break-breaking, laborious, and time consuming tasks involved in my schooling and profession. It is way lighter than my laptop, and the battery lasts the entire day. My laptop was lucky to last four hours. I require a library of research materials daily, and with availability of textbook readers, and pdf readers, I can quickly cross reference resources and have access to hundreds of references. One fine example of this is my med-surgical book in excess of 2K pages, pharmacology book in excess of 1K pages, and pathogenesis book in excess of 800 pages. This is but three books I use daily. I would never be able to carry all them around, and never would be able to reference all them at once. I quickly pull the info I need out of them with quick simple cross referenced searches, and am able to update patient charts in "Numbers" and write care plans in "Pages". These are basic forms I made for myself using the basic iPad apps. This is not even to mention the many apps being developed for hospitals for connected care between departments. This is a very very powerful tool only limited by yourself. Too low res to be an ebook reader? Buy glasses sir.
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