Verizon iPhone Could Be Unveiled "By Valentine's Day"

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imageVerizon iPhone Could Be Unveiled "By Valentine's Day"

Various news reports over the past few months have hinted at the imminent arrival of the CDMA iPhone on Verizon. Now, according to a new report on Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple could be holding a special media event "by Valentine's Day" to unveil the new Verizon iPhone to customers.

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  • Jmar
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    It's all BS. Just like the white iPhone 4 release. Verizon with it's inferior CDMA isn't getting anything. Plus All mobile carriers are the same. AT&T is always been good to me anyhow.
  • John
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    An Iphone on Verizon would be great and I believe it would happen since their new 4g network (LTE) will be using sim cards in all of their new equipments so hell yeah I will get an iphone with Verizon specially since the internet is unlimeted not like ATT with only 2gb.. I have already tried 4g on verizon with their broadband modems and it is just amazing so imagine on a phone like the iphone i can't wait to see it happen
  • noname
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    Well maybe it will clear up the edge networkI deal with. But then again I don't have many problems since I used edge only for voice and I use virgin mobileMifi for data etc. Until 3G is available anyhow. :D
  • fas
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    By that time iPhone 5 beta would be running.
  • Aaron
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    I agree with John, a CDMA iPhone would be worthless. People want LTE in their phones, and a LTE iPhone would be sick
  • Jordan
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    first its the fall, then the day after xmas, then January then Valentines about everyone shuts up and stop asking these "expert analysts" and if and when Apple decides to release the iPhone on another network, Im sure Steve Jobs will let us all know.