Kinect-like Touchless Gesture User Interface For iPad Will Be Demoed At CES

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imageKinect-like Touchless Gesture User Interface For iPad Will Be Demoed At CES

Norway based Elliptic Labs is working on a touchless gesture user interface for Apple's iPad called Mimesign. The technology, which is similar to that seen on Microsoft's Kinect will allow users to control various functions of the iPad - without actually having to touch the screen.

They already seem to have a prototype ready, which they would be demoing at the CES 2011 that kicks off early next month.

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  • Bahram
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    Is it gonna be available in iPad 2? Wow I'm so exited
  • Xavier
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  • Mackie
    Mackie Posts: 52
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    what a useless feature!
  • Alex
    Alex Posts: 383
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    Whats the relation with geohot on the picture? stupid feature anw ..
  • J
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    Yeah kinda pointless except if I'm doing the dishes or something messy. I'd say if it's cheap enough I'll get it just in case.
  • Grime
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    Are people so lazy now that touching the screen has become to much of a hassle. And if its going to add another $150 buck to the price, I'll definitely pass. Absolutely useless!
  • Jordan
    Jordan Posts: 163
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    seems easier to just touch the screen to me
  • jmae
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    are you kidding? its a dock for ipad, how can they debut it at ces in jan if the ipad 2 isnt out yet.
  • Jason
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    It's cool but I think it's for a lazy azz lol.
  • ben
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    I think it's just a step in bringing this feature to other devices? Like your t.v., can't lose the remote anymore if you are the remote?I can even see it for someones car for gps or making a call. Just idea's of what the potential of this evolving to could be. I really like it.
  • Freak
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    uhhhmmm seems to have a lack mmm not god dont like it plus apple is always limitating everything iphone 4 might be the last i buy im tired all this limitations screw apple
  • hate apple
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    Same here, u started to hate apple now because of how they abuse there customers, apple used to be nothing before iPod there where just a small computer company now they just have stupid rules and abusing costumer they are a$$ and need to stop this sooner because they will lose a lot of propel and apple is a Trend now in few years some other company will take ur place
  • Lee
    Lee Posts: 153
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    Any progress for iPhone 4 unlock pls
  • fas
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    They might be showing it demo on iPad 1...
  • The Almighty One
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    I wouldn't really call throwing limitations on devices "abusing customers". I also wouldn't call Apple a "trend" because the iPhone has been out for 4 years now. Trends don't usually last that long.I think we would all appreciate if you learned some basic grammar as well. Thank you.
  • Brad_28
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    It's for the first gen iPad
  • Brad_28
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    Are you talking about a jailbreak? Because if you are all versions of ios 4 can now be jailbroken using either limera1n or redsn0w depending which version your running
  • midkidd
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    To the guy who said apple "limits" their customers you are correct if by limit you mean restrictions on what their devices can do. Think for a moment, that this is the very reason websites like this exist! That is why GeoHotz took on the challenge to jailbreak the iPhone in the first place and this is where we have arrived today. This is the purpose of jailbreaking, to "unlimit" your device. Apple as a company isn't going anywhere as they are game changers. Windows came out with a tablet pc years ago, but yet apple was successful at theirs. Why? Innovation. This is what drives the market and Apple not only knows this, but they apply it every year! As long as they keep making the hottest **** out(Innovation), and as long as they keep that snobby attitude(Limits), They will survive as A company and they will continue to be hacked! They will also drive other companies, like Windows and the very successful Google, to be even better. I am very thankful for the video calling feature as the US was very overdue for this tech and I can't wait for this new Gesture Technology to mature into something useful.One last point... Is it hard to formulate A thought and turn that into a complete sentence? Where did these people get their schooling? It really sucks to read some of these comments sometimes My Two Cents
  • sai
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    very good idea.I want this new feature.
  • Rhett
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    Keep working ... I want to be able to type and play games ... I.e. Multiple hand jesters ... And allows the user to develop the complexity of those jesters :-)