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    Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Confirms White iPhone 4 Delay Due To Issue With Paint; Launch Imminen

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Confirms White iPhone 4 Delay Due To Issue With Paint; Launch Imminent

    We’re hearing rumors that Apple may launch the white iPhone 4 very soon, which it had delayed until Spring 2011.

    We had recently reported that an unknown Japanese company has developed a new paint material that will allow Apple to finally release the long-awaited white iPhone 4.

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    • LeeLee Posts: 153
      via Wordpress
      White iPhone? Yeah who cares how about unlock 4.1 BB 2.10 pls
    • StanStan Posts: 192
      via Wordpress
      White iPhone 4? I would rather wait for iPhone 5... The White one can put it to the iPhone 5.
    • DuRoLuRoDuRoLuRo Posts: 0
      via Wordpress
      I don't understand all this hype about the white iphone 4.It's so damn ugly anyway. I like the black one just fine. Why bother?
    • Supaa Stahh MariooSupaa Stahh Marioo Posts: 33
      via Wordpress
      Apple is getting gayer and gayer every time it's comes to releasing something. I just want them to release the iphone5 forget the White iphone4's
    • ybtybt Posts: 102
      via Wordpress
      White one looks so much better. everyone has a black one. its boring and normal.
    • ybtybt Posts: 102
      via Wordpress
      There are still people that want them like ME. ill rock a white iPhone 4 until the iPhone 5 comes out.
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress
      White iPhone for iPhone 5, now the unlock please.
    • AbelAbel Posts: 183
      via Wordpress
      To the folks asking for the JB or unlock instead of a white iPhone: you DO realize that it's not the same group of people working on each one, right? Completely independent of each other, no bearing whatsoever. Also, do it yourself and quit complaining.
    • KainKain Posts: 10
      via Wordpress
      Dude... Do you realize this is a blog to post whatever you want regarding the iphone? Yes, this post is about the white iphone but clearly most people/fans here want a JB not a white iphone. ...and yes most people can not "do it yourself" jailbreaks. It's not just complaining - It takes the masses to make change. If it wasn't for all the "complaining" people wanting the JB we probably wouldn't have one. Don't think too much about.... it's just the way it works.
    • ZangZang Posts: 153
      via Wordpress
      No sorry your wrong there.Remember last year when geohot quit? What reason did he say?The fact people keep on whining and whining even though they don't pay him to do it.Reason he came back was mainly because instead of exploiting 2 exploits the simpler one he released in order to make the one devteam found still relevant and harder to fix than the one he had already for all those months.Hell jail breaking yourself isn't too hard but takes too much time for most people and when you have a job already and then having to spend hours extra each day on the jailbreak then people complaining about you constantly?Yes.. I think about 95% of people would tell you to screw it and keep it for themselves
    • xx Posts: 23
      via Wordpress
      100% right if you have 4.2.1 and did not find or get this iphone for a gift it's your fault ! Most phones in these stores still have 4.0.1 some of you should have made that the deal breaker. Verizon is on its way here a new firmware is coming for gsm iphones.the new jailbreak will not come till they understand Verizon firmware.Remember Chronic Dev Team , Comex it don't matter their reputation and work are on trial it's coming
    • deedee Posts: 56
      via Wordpress
      Bought three iphones for x-mas all running 4.0 in Apple store outside Phila. my brother bought his on ebay 4.2.1 but was already aware he could not jailbreak his phone and still using 3g on 3.1.3 so he could care less so yeah with that said good point
    • WengerWenger Posts: 3
      via Wordpress
      You will be disappointed of getting the white one OR the black one. I have blk iphone4 and i cancelled my plan and went on blackberry. i have both now and i barely use the iphone. I also have 3gs and i prefer 3gs is much better as a phone, even though 4 is faster but the signal is just bad and lots of bugs on 4.1 jailbreak limerain. if you are just going to use apps and play games. you should get a blackberry and just a itouch. as a phone, don't get a iphone4. Unless the white one fixes the problem.
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