HP Unveils WebOS-Based TouchPad Tablet To Taken On Apple's iPad

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imageHP Unveils WebOS-Based TouchPad Tablet To Taken On Apple's iPad

HP has just unveiled web-OS based HP TouchPad to take on Apple’s iPad. HP claims it is “Super Natural” as it “works the way you do, so you get more done”.

TouchPad Wi-Fi models will be available this summer while the TouchPad 3G and 4G models will follow shortly.

Take a look at the tech specs of TouchPad:

Operating systemHP webOS

Display9.7-inch XGA capacitive, multitouch screen with a vibrant 18-bit color, 1024x768 resolution display

KeyboardVirtual keyboard

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  • K Kasey
    K Kasey Posts: 1
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    Nothing to take on lol, iPad is its own empire!
  • Abel
    Abel Posts: 183
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    The wireless charging sounds pretty sweet!
  • Manny
    Manny Posts: 29
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    Umm, I had a HP Mini 1000 and it was so cheap! I see this built cheap also. Palm now has hands in as well. The handheld company that barely survived after 2008. Hp owns palm, why the need of both logos.
  • Joe
    Joe Posts: 450
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    Video chat looks tacky! The commercial need some work lol. I don't know what to think. They made a new OS so I don't think its going to be hot. Apple started from scratch yeas ago with their OS. My point is good thing take time!
  • picco
    picco Posts: 2
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    It's great idea to take on ipad with fancy gadgets and look but those who designed those so called ipad killers or those trying to take some market share in tablet market don't relly realise what consumer really wants. Before even start talking about devices and spec get the damn OS right from the factory.
  • Lee
    Lee Posts: 153
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    Well said! Im also thinking about the rich music and apps the Apple makes flawless. So just that is way to hard to let got to HP lol.
  • :-)
    :-) Posts: 5
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    They should have introduce something earlier because all eyes are on Android, RIM, and iOS and there upcoming releases. If they can offer easy porting from, say Android apps , then they might have a good chance. But it will be tough for them with the competition that is already present. On a side note, this whole iPad/iPhone killer titles that are posted on the net are rather annoying. Who makes these claims? Not the OEMs from what I can tell. Honestly no one has "killed" anything, not even Apple. Everyone is still pretty much alive although some more than others. There is room in this market for everyone. In the end, this is all subjective. There is no perfect device that fits everyones needs. Let the competition continue and enjoy the benefits that it brings
  • marcos
    marcos Posts: 26
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    I think it's funny how Apple gets mimic a lot. Like iPhone. Since the iPhone apper everyone has been making phones similar. (or supposedly better... Sure)And then the iPad. Make fun of it's name as much as u want but since the iPad came into picture every maker has been producing more and more tablets to compete with iPad. I don't ever think I've seen like hp tablet avaunt an lg tablet. They always say oh the xoom vs iPad. Well good job apple. I love ur products. They can pretty much do anything n they will succeed.
  • Playafied
    Playafied Posts: 55
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    Exactly! Nicely said!
  • Pacomac
    Pacomac Posts: 145
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    If HP really want to take on Apple then we need to see innovative new design, rather than simply copying what is already there! It seems Apple showed the world how to integrate new technologies and everyone pinches their ideas. Show me a mobile device that had capacitive touch screens, integrated GPS, multi-touch before Apple? You only need to look at Apples smooth scrolling, pinch to zoom and animated screen rotation to see why they lead the way! watch the HP video and note how much they have copied (keyboard input, animated screen navigation, split screen views, email layout , toolbar dessign etc) and notice the lack of animated screen rotation (like the Android). It might seem a small thing, but it's small details like this that make iOS. Apple need to keep ahead of the game though, I think it is a mistake to only have 512mb of ram and 0.6/1.3mp cameras in the iPad2. Future iproducts require removable batteries, hdmi out, USB ports, SD card support, wireless syncing etc. This is where the competition can take on Apple, but let's see if any can achieve an 11/12 hour battery life with all these features.
  • fas
    fas Posts: 2,297
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    I think HP is too late!Look at the mail app and it is such a carbon copy of iOS, Apple sue them.
  • Jeff
    Jeff Posts: 126
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    Can anyone be original in this game? I know Apple wasn't the inventor of the modern tablet, but they perfected it. Now everyone's jumping on the bandwagon. The problem is they are making themselves look utterly foolish in the process. If more companies were good at perfecting their craft, maybe Apple wouldn't be so dominant. As it stands, all they can do is copy, and not even do a good job at doing that.Who's the next company with a boring looking iPad knock-off to come out? Who are we missing?
  • :-)
    :-) Posts: 5
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    Apple has the resources to release whatever they please and that's why they can invest in development of a tablet OS and still be in business if it should fail. Not many other companies have that luxury except for Microsoft and Google. And in this kind of business it makes sense to let the bigger players spend to create the market and have the other players follow suit. It would have cost other Manufactures a lot more shares of their resources than it would have Apple to invest and create a market for Tablets. That is why we havent seen much competition to the iPad because everyone else was waiting for Google to bring out Honeycomb. Apple did others a favor of advertising the uses and functions of a tablet device for other resources. Surprisingly Microsoft seems to be late on the smartphone and tablet market but they are a company that can't ever be counted out. 2011 will be an interesting year for the Tablet market. It's amazing the technological advancements we have seen in the past decades. Here's to innovation.
  • Johnny
    Johnny Posts: 93
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    lol...good luck with that!
  • santospoke
    santospoke Posts: 0
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    apple is the best because the ios its so simple to operate thats why people choose apple product
  • BlahBlahBlah
    BlahBlahBlah Posts: 5
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    Actually HP had the idea for the hp slate or as you know it as a tablet way way before apple did. They could have even beat Apple to market. It was all about price point and the OS as to why they didn't enter the market first. They thought that they couldn't include the tech they wanted at a reasonable price and they weren't sure what OS to stick in the damn things since the thought they were buying palm. Why don't you bad English writing apple cathouse do some research before spewing your nonsense about how apple is first to think of everything
  • Hansel
    Hansel Posts: 2
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    blackberry tablet?
  • Tabletpcvision
    Tabletpcvision Posts: 3
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    Let me quote Steve jobs again, "A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets." Trust me Hp's tablet will flop and they will begin to downsizes.. The iPad has no real competitor!!