Apple Working On Smaller And Cheaper iPhone Model

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imageApple Working On Smaller And Cheaper iPhone Model

It looks like the iPhone nano rumors are back.

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is working on smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone to take on phones powered by Google’s Android.

According to the report, the smaller iPhone model could be priced at $200 without requiring a contract.

Bloomberg reports:

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  • Beat your ass
    Beat your ass Posts: 2
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    I think it will eventually happen but I dont really think it will be a big hit. If anything more people might be looking for slighty larger phones.
    JAYSON Posts: 25
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  • MK
    MK Posts: 64
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    I dont think apple is planning they want big revenue
  • Jordan
    Jordan Posts: 163
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    Apple doesnt do low end+
  • kane
    kane Posts: 11
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    oh c'mon, this old chestnut is a bit old
  • Dan
    Dan Posts: 348
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    Well, they could really have a hit with a smaller phone if it had a physical keyboard with it. Then people would definitely buy it if it didn't have a contract.
  • Jeff
    Jeff Posts: 126
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    No way the mobile companies are going to let that fly. But it would be nice to have a few alternatives though. Still, I'd never buy it, I love the bleeding edge features too much to compromise.
  • Shena
    Shena Posts: 1
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    Seems kinda like what HP is doing with the Veer.
  • Damien
    Damien Posts: 28
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    "No way the mobile companies are going to let that fly."And how exactly can mobile companies stop them? Not sell them in stores? Sold exclusively online for $200 would still sell tons of the suckers; how could they be stopped? Especially on a GSM network, just pop a sim and and go! CDMA, maybe not so easy but still. If a CDMA network refused to allow them hows that going to affect business for them? They'll lose it that's what; there's no way these mobile companies can stop it and not suffer.
  • fas
    fas Posts: 2,297
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    I dont think Apple will launch smaller version.
  • Rob
    Rob Posts: 314
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    There are alot of people on pay-as-you-go plans where the phones are not subsidized. Whether for credit reasons or contract phobia, some of them want an iphone. Boost mobile and MetroPCS would be perfect carriers for it. But I don't think it will happen anyway.
  • Jim e Phone
    Jim e Phone Posts: 2
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    Apple makes money on the APP STORE... and ITUNES.. so the more low end devices it gets out there the more apps, music and video they sell.. eventually they will have free versions (which this would probably be) with a 2 year contract.. and boom, a billion more apps get sold... genius!
  • Kwopau
    Kwopau Posts: 294
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    I don't think Apple would make this kind of small iphone. Pointless and useless. Almost all smartphone you see out there are usually big and never has been a really small one. It would be a bad move on Apple to make a small version of the iphone (iphone nana). I can see that not many people will buy it just because it's too small to carry around and can be lost or stolen easily.
  • Pacomac
    Pacomac Posts: 145
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    Those mockups are a joke! Someone has taken the standard iPhone display and chopped a row of icons off! Sorry but Apple would definitely not release a phone with a different resolution, and loose out on a back catalog of existing software. Sure they would decrease the dot pitch of a 3GS to make it nearer retina quality, that would make perfect sense.
  • asger
    asger Posts: 49
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    Small iPhone, is not going to happen..
  • JayRolla
    JayRolla Posts: 18
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    Done with my iPhone, Atrix here I come.
  • Frank
    Frank Posts: 215
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  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0
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    It is just a joke !!! Adroid Powered ^^
  • Nathan
    Nathan Posts: 40
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    i would get it!the iphone has always looked like a good phone; however, it has been very expennsive - this is a clever move by apple
  • Andrew
    Andrew Posts: 168
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    your a dumbass 199 is not expensive for the new model 99 for the old model and even 49 sometimes fucking retard
  • Chunky
    Chunky Posts: 2
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    **** this bring the iphone 4 unlock!
  • Lavender
    Lavender Posts: 130
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    I agree too - I think if Apple does develop these phones, it will be to divert potential low-end Android customers - after all, Timcook's comment 2 years ago was about low-end dumbphones.But the low-end smartphone and its consumer market now exists - and I'd expect that it'd be an entry point for consumers to subsequently upgrade to higher end smartphones.It'd be a potential nightmare (or at least major dampener) for Apple if customers who wanted a cheaper option went with low-end Android, and then stayed with Android as they upgraded later. They'd be influencing their emerging consumer friends too who might go straight to Android if that made it easier to interact in their social circle.For me personally, I'd welcome a cheap-iphone as a diversification (fragmentation) of the ios options ... i.e. I'd await a ultra high-end iphone max or something. Realistically, I think I'll go Android superphone as soon as my iphone3gs contract finishes in 8 months, as I've really had it with itunes. Might be back for iphone7.
  • Lavender
    Lavender Posts: 130
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    That "I agree" was supposed to be below Frank's comment above.
  • Lavender
    Lavender Posts: 130
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    I agree too ... but I posted my reply down below by accident.
  • Lavender
    Lavender Posts: 130
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    They may need to subvert low-end customers from getting on the Android bandwagon and staying there longterm.
  • Dude562
    Dude562 Posts: 0
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    Haha WTF the 3GS is already $49 bucks I wonder how much this will cost with a contract xD $00.01 lol
  • Shalashaska
    Shalashaska Posts: 55
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    I say it isnt possible given the insane sales apple is making..if u want cheap an ipod touch alongside ure owned phone...or buy a 3g.. dont get me is a nice OS..but once uve started with an iphone..anything else would feel like beta
  • im smarter then you
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    apple needs to change there home screen it looks all the same and a matter of fact i cant tell the difference between an iphone 3g or a 3gs dam even the iphone 4 looks the same and i bet iphone 5 will look excatly like iphone 4 just a picture of some apps is all you will see me on the other hand would rather get a phone with beautiful display like moving clouds and a big flip clock or something iphone im so bored of the same **** hasnt google taught u anything as of yet and even microsoft windows 7 phone looks sexier dam if the phone is going to look the same thrown in a least a screen saver or something **** apple im bored already even your ipad looks the same.its all the same just like computers they need to make a htc computer with a big clock and video animation or something dam apple your **** really really old just like steve jobs is because hes too old just like the phones are the only way to change your phones it to jailbreak it and thats sad that cydia has more ideas then appple
  • Karan Mehta
    Karan Mehta Posts: 1
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    Well, the competition has gone so high that now Apple is reducing price for a product which started the Smart Phone industry. I am not convinced with this. Apple is known to re-invent and should do that. We love it so much that we wont mind paying for something which is worth it. I dont forget queues that stand outside Apple store before a launch.Hail Apple!!!
  • Elvin
    Elvin Posts: 5
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    He's talking about the plans not the phone dickwad