Nokia And Microsoft Announce Strategic Partnership To Take On Apple's iPhone



  • Steve iHacker Job
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    to beat fucking apple phone first thing is to sell unlock nokia phones to the public. 2nd is to support language fonts for all countries in the world. GPS is free for all customers. internet 3G costs less than $20 a month (5gb data). Free 3 good apps everyday to kids to download for fun...these are first to know. 4" screen or bigger and big battery. Price is $350 or less for 32gb memory. I love nokia but hope they don't produce the junks
  • Itsa Mystery
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    Where's the downside for Microsoft? They get to glue the Nokia brand onto Windows (yes the Nokia brand is still worth something globally) and Nokia will do the grunt work; manufacturing logistics, global distribution, etc. Hard to see a future for Nokia as an R&D powerhouse in the mobile industry.As an acquaintance said, we may be soon be treated to the spectacle of two elephants trying to tango.Yes, Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world, and yes that's in part due to the Windows ecosystem as Elop points out. But is notable that Microsoft has not been able to parley its dominant position in the PC marketplace into a similar position in the mobile space. Whether partnering with another large company that failed to use its once dominant position in the mobile device market as a springboard will change the fundamental dynamics remains to be seen. Still I don't see anything but upside for Microsoft, even if the party doesn't last forever.
  • Gohans
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    Ohhh! i cannot wait to see for Nokia and Microsoft upcoming products! i hope competition gets tight between M&N, Android and Apple!All the stupid haters above need to stop their fanboyism and welcome the competition... that's the only way all these products will get better and better!peace! out!!!
  • justaguy
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    Microsoft a failing company? wow, I would like that kind of failure.Operating systems on cell phones have an identifiable cell phone Apple/iPhone - Rim/blackberry - Android HTC - HP/Ernie - now MS/Nokia. Without them you can not survive. This is a good step for both companies, consumers, and developing countries.
  • dealkk
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    Go Gohans, all stupid hater here are just apple fan boy. dont get me wrong, I like iphone and android. I hope wp7 could come close. Competition is great.
  • Cheryl Lucia
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    Advertising campaigns aside, Nokia’s move to partner with Microsoft was just the other side of brilliant. They were both powerful but lagging companies individually, but as allies plan to build a "third ecosystem" that will encompass phones, developers, mobile services, partnerships with carriers, and app stores to distribute software. Also, Nokia’s strength is its hardware. Microsoft’s strength is its software. Microsoft Windows Phone has its shortcomings, but it's a very solid platform with a lot of great features that can energize Nokia's business.